Wednesday, 21 December 2011


i am reclinging comfortably on my son's sofa
sandwiched in a duvet with the wifi netbook
on my knee that I had hoped for a year or so ago.

Amy  my daughter is bed upstairs.We exchanged
our gifts and had a mini Christmas.having accepted
my son's invite to stay till Sunday,has meant she will go on
but neither of us will share Chester nor West kirby.

yesterday whilst walking the pram through the park
we spoke of goals,grow model and I found my asset
based thinking looking at relationships between goals and skills,
Hungry eyes,menus as plot plans Fearnley Wittinstall as a
 writer as well as chef,

I am wanting to write and looking at the assets needed
 for it people plot pans paces.I have started reading one of Rob's books
Storm front by Jim Butcher.It is about a wizard detective.

A thought occurred that in seeking to Life Coach people
there is the visualisation available for me to write about a fictional LIfe Coach
who a bit like a wizard  detective has cases where the gaols of another are facilatated by the
encouragement of a positivity spin doctor drawing people onward and upward away form counslling and the neuorsis of habits like self deprecation into affirmative micromovements of hope and change and joy and seeds of ideas watering

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