Sunday, 11 December 2011

Gifts yet to discover course

The GROW model in brief for           your   follow your heart           course              

G Goals      make them as big as when you were a child(you still are!)
R Reality    make this affirmative I can... I am able.....I would like to....
I have tried.....Obstacles I may need to surmount...Negative habits I will need to address
Now coaching is NOT counselling if you need to cry then you must!
 but do not spiral down
instead lift on affirmative hopes
 and dreams
O Options  this is the exciting bit the born again bit
micro movement of change choose from daft ideas
extraordinary hopes (ambitions if you like)
little changes little baby steps
you are learning to fly
walk on water reach out
and embrace change.
Be grateful being alive is the real miracle
What courses tutors gifts invitations
to transform old habits and clutter
into new directions and challenges
 do you want to give not only a go
 but persist and believe in?
W way          who what which but more importantly now you need to say when?
Having determined the direction you wish to head in
you will with me encouraging and sometimes suggesting
be able to set some small targets and aim for them
This requires commitment and dates and practice
of new habits
One being the affirmations that describe to your self gratitude for what you have
breath a beating heart and a will to become the one that was born to be you.

Somethings you don't need to wait for- to do - waking up to HOPE
It is knocking at your door.           Amen

The first session with  you needs just your goals and
the purchase of a coffee or tea for me at a mutually agreeable time ineither Linghams Heswall or Slinky's West Kirby whilst I will use all the other lovely cafes
It may be nice to you to be with a sort of physical dreamlike c.v.(my murals are there)

So that nothing is hidden the subsequent sessions are loosely peaking
 fortnightly/ or at your pace for £15 for half an hour or £25 per hour.

Curriculum Vitae
A sort of racecourse of life.
p.s the fat man on the right was me
4 months ago

Since then I have dieted and walked and
sustained a writing activity and goal setting path
utilizing all I had learned and things that I
 needed to learn.
The image above was the year before
I am more well than in either of these incarnations.
Who I want to be is getting nearer all the time.
Micro-movements work 
just add commitment:call me
in the new year Phone 0151 625 130 or email: jimtheartistfleming @google

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