Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Hope filled faith- fueled deliberately persistent.Imaginative constructive connective curious hungry loving passionate involved.Oh I am writing list of words rooting for the list of goals to sustain relationships with the adventure of my God given being.Let us not sulk. A seemingly nice guy double bass playing jazz man
offered me a raffle ticket .This enhances the taking of the band.I wanted to be both apart and a part.

I declined.He then said I know you don't want one but I did not want you to sulk.When we do not flow with the crowd.When I am trusting in an invisibility that lets me draw,yet others interpretations of my mask.Tired
lonely, sad, uninvolved.Yet my quietude may  contain these .Fight I must against misjudgement of their judgement .We are all trying to read a variety of silences and learned yet invisible rules blocks in ourselves and in others.
Above image Amy and I are in Christmas but at a place of change.Each Christmas and summer my daughter and I have been enjoying our holidays together.Anyway here she is going not to mine with me but off to a friends whilst I adventure into Nottingham .She was here as a student for a few months.below are doodles of Isobel made at Rob's.

Amy and I had a short sharing on the mural in Izzy's room.i invited her and Rob and Susie to form flowers petals with their finger tips to print white flowers and yellow ones on the wall.Rob and Susie had talked about how to put their favourite childrens books on the wall.
Rob had the idea of my breaking through the frame of the image with text related to the books.

The cat fluffy had a very mog like quality. Amy asked me if I thought cats remembered people. Anthropo-morphism  is a faith challenging word.I believe in a loving God.Knowing I am not my own author.It is tricky to answer.I went to midnight mass just as Susie and Rob put carrot sherry and mince pie for Santa and the local vicar invited us all to a chocolate communion.I believe that the early payment of a tax bill,the Christmas hamper came not so much from the generosity of friends nor the extraordinary sale of last minute picture Christmas present decisions as the provision of God for my fool to get to Nottingham and the hope he has placed in my heart.The cat remembers your kindness and I love you and miss you.O course .Just as God has remembered us all and our need to be together.
Below then is Izzy who struggles to sleep or is it that she longs to stay awake?She is learning to hold onto the transitional object the blanky which is a friendly face on a soft piece of cloth.Whilst above my love is sharing tea and enjoying the hearth of warm fluffy cat soft as soft can be fur.
I loved the prezzy Aims gave Izz .It was a soft knuckle cord effalump by Jelly Cat.And I have noticed that Bob like I leaves these labels on.'So pretty they' are as yoda in Star wars might say.Forever young .Remember the giver and the gift.

One of the data capture objects is this notebook .My friend ed pointed out so they now back books in wallpaper just like they used to get us to do in school.I have drawn Amy's gift in the forest of leaves
yet another drawing on the lengthy roll of life's unfolding wall.
In the Waterstone's bookshop cafe I enjoyed inventing a slightly older Izzy. She is now a child detective.I phoned Amy fronm the tardis bookshop with its 4 floors and its continuous unfolding rooms of endless curiosity and joy.

From the bookshelves at Rob and Susie's the story unfolds of Rob as anaesthetist.A teddy bear dressed in theatre mask and apron is adorned with stethoscope hat and various hospital passes.In this collage is another corduroy toy a dinosaur,my scribble of fluffy for the Izzy books and a jelly cat and Wiinie Izzy and the G R O W of the grow model.

below I have made my doodle transparent and placed it over the grey silhouette it brought into being.Out of register loose a comparison and a revelation of truth.

A mirror is an illusion our images projected by light onto silvered glass for us to mutually puzzle over like a book a page a telly a framed intentionality a realised goal goal posts -suchness of being pondering how to raise a smile or amuse.

Rob and I watched Hugh Fearnley Whittenstall harvesting japanese heart nuts with a spring opening wire ball

The first drawing of an imaginary children's book character.My way of commencing my number 8 writing assignment.IZZY POP
These buildings are not the view from Waterstones cafe but give the sense of being on the somethingth floor

In the stories I will be the friendly grand dad life coach encouraging and listening to her theories.Though she tells them to fluffy first of course he is part of her sleuthing like  is it Calvin's tiger.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Calvin_and_Hobbes_Original.png
icromovements are like Poirrot's little grey cells of the psychology
And like us all eventually having done my morning pages it is time to sleep walk and enjoy some cereals.

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