Monday, 5 December 2011

Oscillating halogen heater

searching for answers on the shoreline of my being
.I need to keep warm.
The Jesus not an expression I have heard
The Buddha I have heard and then
associated with him
just a man
a celebration of the ordinary
Zen I some how get
it this the aesthetic of simplicity
yet to achieve Buddha nature implies a serenity
that denies ..............
some vagueness
iconoclastic Jesus and Zen
yes I believe ego and churchy religiousness
manages to be transcended and offers more hope than
the 'lonely crowd of parishioners who having got used to each other
have become a clique in need of breaking out of and being broken into

The icon then of self (group or singular)
needing to be broken
to enable love
sharing caring and
end aloneness
two kinds
me me me
us us us
without purpose
yet routine does not satify if we agree with others to assemble
with open mind hearts
offering essential incomes of
warmth via
food shelter and yes story telling
existence is not obvious
without athread of mutual charater mystery possibilitities
abundance of interestingness
flavours of melody tastes of ideas fumbleings and jumblings of oh
i like this new riff plate of tastes

If a thing is worth doing....worthdoing badly

we have to be somewhere i needs must do soemthing
if i am a shop keeper
outside they need eveidence of life and change and something new happening
noone wants stale
yet they want craft and of course
they do not they they?

yes well us we
want to be thought literate
people dopy like ourselves ask the obvious
floundering on new shores
by rearranging things and be open bringing new ingredients tastes flavours ideas inclusivenesses in
we do not want to be a jumble sale and yet
we all like the searching
so a market stall
or a sea side
corridor of clothes to try on

oh oh
now back to soem sort of thread then

we they ask do you do ....
did you do.....
as icebreakers tow diffferent purposes seemingly
on to show amazement or to flatter that they fiond what you do
worthy of remark
to establish they can buy that here
the that being something that it is obvious at this moment you do do
yet as soon as they have that
and want
the something else that you
now stock they want what you used to do

The Jesus did not encourage us to
be religious no
step out include share
the Jesus
what is the Jesus
least of on of these hopeful prayerfu;
promising change
enabling gifts healing brokenesss of loneliness
sharing caring self denying but not to be merely empty trancsended
higher than others bu here with trusting in beleiving and sharing miracel
life is holy!
Live lovingly -it is all going to be all right
yet not comfortabel
yet peace beyond understanding
isaiah of the Jesus
my thought are not your thoughts
so though I rummage about wrting morning pages stream of consiousness style
I am not necessaruily doing what psalm one said
no I must rummage on
chew on God's voice
and what do I find there
my word will come down like rain and like snow
and cause the bread
he The Jesus
did come
and Isaiah speaks of come without money
it will not sartify
yet I ahve taken somehthing my earthly dad said as being modest
yet profound
my flowing being renewing carryin on
currency is meant to flow
we are that current and our flowing should irrigate others with the hop of ressurrection
Jesus did not die
or rather having doene so
there was and there is for us in concept?
enlightenment or in soem profound exceptional
and to be grasped wiuth our hearts WAY
a new birth just as we create new lines
and new products and reange our perception of our assets

ours no The Jesus
what you do
or do not do
so lets us do something for someone everyone we meet
let us sustain the endeavour to make a difference
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