Sunday, 25 December 2011


when  a person child anyone is tired
are they able to do anything about it?
My grand daughter perhaps cannot get to sleep
not 'just like that'anyway

I can hear her crying I have experienced her going to sleep
when we go for a walk she falls asleep .it is the action of
the going about and the rhythm of movement

anyway she is crying and sounds distressed and
this of course in turn makes mum and dad feel
upset tired frustrated how can they help her
rocking soothing gently bouncing yet there is a transition needed
they feel and are right to believe that somehow not picking her up is the thing

need /she needs to discover how to simply do it by herself
how when you/ we are/ were too young to understand

i am yet to hear a louder sound coming from a smaller emitter
Rob just said.Now the cat is crying for attention and the concert
of cradle rocking and baby crying resumes
to morrow I will reverse the directions

I am tired i believe in god i tell you that
because you need to know and i do too
the cat is crying everyone thing body living creature needs comforting
I do

going home tomorrrow
leaving my son his fiance and my grand daughter to carry on growing
learning to sleep by them selves like i must

a good Christmas family day wonderful food
brush me teeth enjoy this last night thank you god amen

persistent self expression is important
that is what morning pages stream of consciousness the unediitng of out being is all about
rich in the truth of our own lives is god#s heavenly blessing if inclusiveness
important to simply be be be be bebebebebebebebeb BE

In my right ear there is the kings speeech film plaaying
looking forward to brushing my teeth

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