Monday, 14 May 2012

bathwater on

hope awakening
self talk in the positive
 three word drifts
snatches of thought
 small enough
to feel their edges
lines of thought whisps of idea
glances of images
 heat of a slurp
four words
works better
 need and- s and the-s and a-s
only hoping to
 get around
 the lack of

no this inhibitis and stilts the want to flow like a river so oprobably best just accept mistakes erros mispellings and when it is important that others read comfortable with out feeling there has beeen no stopping at the lights and not making reference perhaps to loaded words like multi tasking which has becoem associated to strongly with man women divides reinforcing the walls that sterotypical male female politics causes and then gets blamed for something how to avoid the snipy word gse plotical culture of now i belong to this group now i am an outsider to that one no i do not have the qualifications of belonging unconditionallly

oh to jsut get on with it that is why prayer itself the truest dialogue you are vever going to have with yourself is powerful oh well i realise i am outside the dancing group for they are travelling their own wave of enthusiasm and ability lord how to sustain and maintain a goal and not stop there is still my piano goal and the dance offers me the scope for studying the art of scribbling too perhaps to ask alison  but then not to be a nuisance to any one  i suppose i treat the morning pages as a sort of back ground mumbling of hopefulness and the revelation of an honest heart breaking free of the persistent blurts of hopelessness i have to believe in this susatained stream of thought action walking paointing playing and show no great concern for editorial worry .o the conesequences of rambling freely to my lord where other saints can overhear my pryaer is something i realise you did n lord jesus or none of us would know the prayers that john wrote down that you must have spoken aloud not proud but humbly but certainly ot subvocalised as st john or john the loved overheard and i hang my testimony accusation bridge of inclusive unity on the susccinst versions i have placed on my lips those two scriptures the one being i have others who are not of this flock and they know their masters voice and i will be in them as my father will be in me that thye will know perfect unity that they are as loved as i am   and as yioy know the reconciling verse of your love what you do or do not do for the least of one of these you do or do not do for me amen

i want a bath and i want to get the bus at qureter to ten so i will leave this now and decide to have porridege get dressed and go

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