Thursday, 3 May 2012

how are you doing?

without nagging myeself and trusting that God has given me the creative mind he wishes me to have i am going to now wirte again the goals i have in my repetoire and seek a blessing on the gifts God has in his heart for these thoughts and for fresh thought and insights from my lord jesus Christ in his love for me through the power of the \Holy SPirit fo the child jim me

G    to write children's books and to illustrate them 

R   this has the reality of my having worked through and remained encouraged by the artist's way that i believe consistent with my dad's emphasis rememebered in a moment he suggested money is currency meant to flow and so the thought to as gifts talents they are not meant to be buried but to flow and then the artist's dates go and restock the pond by being in new locations or looking a fresh at gentle safe spaces that are your appointments as a child with the child safe with God's company in beach trees old second hand shops swimming walking learning taking in amen

my son gave me a netbook and i recontacted my tutor from the writing course and i have commenced an idea that i will work further on and i have enjoyed doing some reading of other's books and succeeded with artist's dates enjoyed publishing ideas films listening to friends and publishing them on facebook

G  to play piano
 R  Reality i have purchased with removal men time and effort the piano
that now stand with keyboard and with pump organ that brings me closer to playing and simon has shown me how to root for melody and ned had shown me the relationship with minor scal and pentatonic scale
jimmy rae had shown me boogie woogie playing and i have studied the tradional fingerings and timings of the stave and have put it aside as too formal and severe seeming to encourage cruely and misuse of feelingfulness and aharness of unkindness and cold none commmitemtnt but that may be associative as the tutor and i had persoanl issues f mutual resentmentments and lack of surrender to caring /trust oh lord let me leve all that behind i itried that and i need to learn differently in a less regimented time frame

 O My options for writing and for piano

Set a schedule of some kind to meet with my need to practice both and set my self some deadlines
I have the assignment 8 to complete and send off
I may proceed with the guild music exam
I will enjoy Jimmy Rae's second boogie lesson

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