Sunday, 27 May 2012

Goals and current achievements and affirmations and core values

here we go here we go here we go
if a thing's worth doing it's worth sharing
and we do

gardening dancing meals
fellowship feelings cricket n walks

breakfasting singing praising and wondering
listening encouraging talks
sure we miss others who used to share these things smiling with all of us
and we will think of them still life is a puddle a puzzle a wandering thing
sense that tingle and spill let there be tunes and delight in the ordinary then let there be surprises not our other must have them and we will say that look nice and seek to explore and fulfil
outside the birsong just like at the cricket match sunshine a friend with me still
till on the train we return with our sunburn and tiredness
as i walk alone on a hill i am getting on fine with my moments of fellowship no longer a courtship to tire
its just no good must be love not just worrying whether i wore the right tie whether my chin was shaved wore lots of aftershave felt like a chump or a clown felt i had broken some rule that suits everyon wondering if fun might be mine wondering if blurt of a negative chilly erosion would get to me leave me stranded in some lonely tower not the lofty and ivory built superoirity nor in the destined to fail i jus want some peace as i seek gifts that God wants to share with me spend a small time on my own went to see seconf film all by myself again is this a pattern to please could it be a small gathering might like then to come with me to later discuss say one of latestrelease.

pay dirt
says hurt
pay dirt
could be pay gold wonderful rather than clever realisation
i am i feel by remaining her off the dsancefloor of the facebook page sitting at the side whilst some music may be getting dim in the distance i did not i felt belong and in some ways had not managed to be included perhaps giving off some smirking superiority that must be put down
the thing my dad dave off
i mis arthur because we were like to rebels escaping the smug and yet perhaps cheekily enjoying a clown's hatpin pssibility of doing something sincere subtle and kind amen

so returning to today's plan this is the thing walking would ken izel beleieve that he can find time for walking
what of philip it is a risk i know but would he be able to sustain a walk to help him to grow he has cameron's proportions but not his resourcefulness perhpas as yet
i look around at the charactors am i seeing them like brian i want to raise qustions like planted seeds not to create some self fulfilling anticipated awareness that i know will result but to plant god's wonder and share its transforming new freshness will i tidy the flat

i beleive by tidying th flat that i will in fact create a clarity that i will both maintian and benefit the music which still needs to find form amen

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