Saturday, 19 May 2012

oh well

fill the well
stock the pond
keep oh keeping on
you are always where you belong
be strong let \god be
be within him in theo
enthuse enthusiastic
cared for loved
illogical is still realistic being miracles are an every day occurrenece there for do not worry that the whole world chooses in its corporate mind its commedian audience mode of supr cynicism not to believe or to choose to believe in its company keeping cynicism the condition of acceptance and sneering eye to eye we showed the one who foolishly seemed to care for their mortality just what was what yet at the same time on the other similar strand of ineffective companionship the eaters of stale bread were travelling towards patronising pretenscious smugness   no that aint it the aloneness the loneliness the outsider the not in the crowder me is still genuine you can be a doubter and a wonderer what iffer and a hoper that has a grain of faith whist realizing both positions are incomplete pictures and attempts to belong aaah wil this one be heard amen

the voice of authentic hopefulness has to be the voice of honesty whether you are kneeling down aching over your worl trusting that it will grow praying a secular companionship of expalnations of reason prayer within the mechanism of the mutual cleverness of peopleness or deciding to live outside the crowd no i have to walk away if i vever feel unwanted though i cnnot prove it and though it is only in my head nevertheless i am not vain enough confident enough to lie to myself the need to be really real prevents us all from completely joining the two group availabe.

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