Sunday, 27 May 2012


shared mutual endeavour
to simply take part
starts with me carrying these words
 that have assembled
themselves in my mind
a collection of positives
that have sieved and sifted themselves
 ready for physical encouragement
as i set out on  a simple day
 yet an optimistic day
well yes they all are
 for me
and i pray for you to
as i begin a sereious sweep of radical tidying and of chucking out that mnay mean a trip to the tip or to the green bin
i still do not have a grey as the counsel have not heard my plea and my neighbours though informed have not properly responded oh well fort the momenyt i must simple work with waht i have got but of course the recycling plan has been scuppered by a theft of the grey and the well red squirrrelled away bits and pieces must be gone then to the tip somehow
i need as the lone souldeier of this flat to prepare fro wahtever work i am able to perform to meet with God's intention and heart for me and beleive by behaving the thing into place
today is very much one of creainting thinking space and celebrating
haven't time to edit this
know there are errors but mustn't go back when the outpouring of thought pours out something intrigueing the riff of being me
today my simple script is this one to
caetidy crete space then to complete my little scuptures drill a series of holes in the wooden raod charge the batteries of the two cameras do a stop motion with green background upload the new software and then to
assemble the foam board and drawing background

by returning i managed to scroll down when the slider had a limit
right today i will clear the space i need put the bathwater on i need the kitchen and the lounge to have thinking space so i will put that onto facebook and get on with it amen and become honest in public again amen

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