Monday, 30 April 2012

we are soldiers of goodness

with aspirations of holiness
ever onward to do the right things
seeking for holiness
gentle in kindliness
stretching our ideas and dreams
choosing life and
trusting in God
we've a faith and a prayer
and it is real
we know not seems
delivered from foolishness
courteous and kindly
speaking truth and finding joy
we are remembering the good that has been
we are plating some more and we'll water it
we'll with sleep and with effort and more
ever onward and upward and weeding
our patches of ground we'll sieve for stones
to big to grow past and we'll build us a well
and we'll reach into the word of our lord
we'll have prayer in our hearts we'll have
hope in our souls and the time will bring
harvest of kings

so then what were my goals and then
what are they now and today what plans
shall i place in the soil
Lord yesterday in church i felt true to you with seeking of skills
to do with the sound that had a feedback loop i the
evening that was not there in the morning

yet i had been on in the morning and paul took over in the evening oh well brian and colin also tried to shape the desk so the team find obstacle would that steve were with us more as he seems to get it better than we must be a page we have not turned yet

mrning pages grow model persitence and heroes what qualities did the two arthurs have well they wanted to be good of heart for their families and arthur muraski wanted to encourage and nurture and enable he worked well as a technician of caring solving and seeking ways to help and technical routines he had
worked on plans and designed grottoes for littlewoods and fro little children like me who wanted to beleive in santa and arthur gee had loved quality watercolour i know that mr muraski's dad had taken him to portobello raod i think arthur m would have liked the antiques road showoh how i would have loved to introduce them both to izzy pop

town liverpool i want to go regularly to museums and to the shapes of the buildings i wish i had asked about george's evening out in town watchin rhod gilbert

what quality does tom have in heaven a smile and a friendly word an understanding manner and like the arts kind to hos jean and shall i today then pt the bathwatr on and persist in some of my endeavours i must find daytinm time on the piano as God is liberating me to do so there is time

lord may the money come in and may i take the cards and film to brookdale primary school

everything about me is a prayer a hope and a dream of bigger vision and prayer i loved that david hockney was giving so much of his money away and that the current of currency was flowing through that his gift is blessed and continues to cause him joy shal i have a walk today it takes 1 hour and 55 minutes to get to heswall mmmm what is the time now?twenty to 8 and i want to have a bath so what i think i will do is have a batha dn some porridge and go check out the bus time as i have to leave after 9.30 for my pass to be valid and then what i hope for is to watch this evening the programme on the giants not to be called puppets who have an eccentric mind behind them and one who is cool i rather suspect and believe that thes are the way theatre must go as they allow a greater audience and a fantastic ministry of village lilliputians dressed accordingly i love the stone soup of so many volunteers and i seek your advice on heswall arts festival and upon my own income and upon how to proceed i need to express my heart's desire at dee to be blue moon apparently the manchester united theme tune all interesting i enjoyed gryf rhys jones work on wind in the willows and also the lolliams roald dalh programme last weeek

so the want to read draw and walk bath and travel by bus sustain the life coaching ideas the wheel of life balance and the growth in new skills and talent i loved brian's with these hands last night version of the sermon and the idea i shared in the morning

would you please stand and  raise a hand
 if you believe prayers are answered and raise the other hand
 if your believe these prayers are answered 
and stay standing and close your eyes 
as i read the opening was like this lets see if i can find it again

Father be with your children
Holy Spirit translate all of our yearning
Jesus show us the way

Help us to feel know believe the Godincidentalness
of all we experience-our breathing heart beating core 
that is your love changing us from despair and futility to
hopefulness and kindliness and action

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