Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Free er

When trying top find some fresh lesson
I do not want to repeat something  shared with someone
either with watercolour nor guitar

Mutual journeying but some reassuring ground
visual or aural that makes sense to sense and
the tuning of some shared aesthetic
language of being more alive.

Collage is a good direction
and so is compostion
associative flow is linear through time
tidies up in to a layered wall of staves
or radiating from a core with a sheet  thoughts and images
heart map

Finding something to share means going out
picking bits and pieces sieving them and relating
 to them and them to each other
Its the artist date thing.

Gently into the day

 I did have a row of words that should have
 bloomed seed like but I interupted them by reading emils first

Grab the song when you wake to its hope
There' always next time
help me to accept this sometimes ness.

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