Thursday, 14 July 2011

Watching your own movie

Waiting for your own thoughts to upload/download?

As I walked through the flat half awake
through the beach-combed debris and prize of my life.
I thought of how we wonder in museums about life and thoughts before.
Yet here we are in one just as mysterious.

Amy my daughter when looking at a painting years ago whilst out on a school
trip drew a little picture from a picture of the three girls in and said
but you cannot tell what they are thinking

I looked up from the desktop just now and say the painting I made of an imaginary snowie paris
and saw that I had drawn and written my thoughts about my head
like mind mapping the invitation is to draw your thoughts within the
narrative pictures and snaps and scraps to share our innermost?
or perhaps momentarily obvious outermost being

in truth even then we are only offering clues

and what of ourselves passing through our own thought
in these museums for one homes of bits

Gratitude and psalms to being alive -thank you God
that is what songs and pictures and books are
seeking to make our feelings ponderings known
and talking ourselves up -enjoyable and enjoyed.

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