Saturday, 23 July 2011

Relatively accurately-approximately faithful-worth doing badly.Yes yes yes!

Oh no I am already late!

I have two clocks (3 and others) to be more precise
a watch and a pair of cuff links
which came first?
well the pair of cuff links
no they did not breed!

the cuff links are two small watches
and they read the numbers just as usual
long finger points to the five minutes slices
denoted by the twelve hour clock figures
whilst the small hand points to the hours
 represented by the same sections
no confusion there then ?Normality!

But the fingers go anti-clock wise
 i.e both the hours and the minutes
so you could suggest they are going
back wards but no for the numbers are mirrored
and the 1-6 are switched
with the 11 -6
so as I said before the time reads as normal.

The only problem is very few jewelers
 know how to get in
 to replace the batteries
so I have to  my stereo time keepers
need a special trip to Liverpool.

So there is one version of time

The watch I bought in Brighton and only
when they pulled its display tab out did it show its true joy.
The numbers go around whilst the fingers behave normally
and they have replaced some figures with math symbols like pi,

Again I read from the position of the fingers but ignore the
numbers which evidence the seconds as it is the seconds hand
that is on the glass mushroom stood that does the ticking.

So got me thinking then
how accurate is a watches second hand.
Do you know the time to the second?
Or do we accept relative accuracy.

Does God .Well

Where we are concerned yes.
There is nothing you can do that will make God love you more
and nothing you can do that will make God love you less.

Like the timelessness and time that his part of his infinite playfulness
we are forgiven our lack of accuracy.

He is Love and we are loved but we are all out of sink and sin fully so.

'If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing badly'
not deliberately badly but hopefully playfully joyfully
and in an attempt at some  helpful synchronization.

When did I cease to be a child?-never!
but rather than imagining I am learned or learning

I would suggest that is a foolish tree to worship at
the tree of knowingness try this

Be still in Eden
God just loves you .
His plan will satisfy you

Consider the birds of the air and the lillies
of the field they cannot add a second to their
watches by worrying about our time filled lives.

Oh dear I have messed that up
must be an 'artist' or  perhaps just a man..
 continuously running out of time

a bit 'tick '  then buh bum!

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