Saturday, 23 July 2011

Undoing the word artist-why do I want to?

Well I have been wondering that myself
go into lectures about how you need 6 primaries because 3 don't work
and that the schools didn't let you do it badly and so defined those who
they didn't understand as unable with their own photographic interpretation

Sort of I want to get rid of the word and its clumsy pal 'sketch'
because they don't let others in like protestant catholic and other
labels do not so much encourage our childhood with loving Father
as describe cliques that you must learn the rules to belong to.
Please join us other naughty imperfect children in a church that
acknowledges it is a collection of imperfect people loving a perfectly forgiving Father

Superstar well alright you are.
We all shine on-don't hide the lamp you say you haven't got because someone did not applaud /award you with a label please!

I truly believe breathing and heart beating to be more of a 'gift' than
the illusion or conjuring trick of drawing that probably is slightly
easier if short sighted in one eye
easier to turn the 3d world into the blackboard
we drew the 26 letters and 9 numbers from
by rehearsing our scribbling like the splasher
learns to be buoyant and therefore to swim

I ask for pay not for my gift but for my efforts.
But I really do love it when you become teachable.

A student of mine once said you can draw because you are 'an artist'

I want you to realize how impossible it is to rub
out the devil's well constructed tempting LIE
in that self defeating excuse of an assertion.People are drowning in self criticism
because no one said it is alright simply to splash to stay alive.They can't survive
following the same logical intelligence because they are not 'SWIMMERS'-oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

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