Friday, 22 July 2011

Shifting mind

The shifting mind's perception then is simply playing football with the words
Labels then a baby walks into a shop and chooses sweets and bitters
 the candy or Guinness of who to be or not to be.Thus starts the question.

I'll be Christian ,Buddhist Artist or Scientist-are these mutually exclusive
 or decidedly inclusive? That'll cost you .Try this box on for size.
Thus wrapped the baby buys in to the new self.

The potential and possibilities thus reduced
the pataphysical invite to look at the exceptions that don't so much ignore the rules
as question the cruelty of being defined by laws and limited group perception
which has been shaped to create compartmentalised schools
now means which church which scientific position
which newspaper is right for you.

No one will allow the correlation of exceptions or get back to the playing
oh no much too serious now for that
predeliction has been replaced with the cigarette
of aquired distaste.

And so the world now looks to feng shui and minimalism
to impressionist returns to nature and to a range of priests

Some will decide to believe in anything and everything
a smorgasborg of pig swill psycho delia
or Delia's well tried this works do it this way
comfort zones of good taste after the match

Oh well call me artist if you must
then tell me what one of them does
have me teach it

but do not be surprised if I prefer to play
and turn to my father and share my time with Jesus and the good word
of 66 authors in concert

instead of staying with the dunces hat
of labelling on my head

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