Saturday, 23 July 2011

Gentility and trust

There is a stream that runs through my mind one of gentility and trust .
I sat down to read today's offering from the Daily bread and it was
Isaiah 61.The spirit of the Lord is upon bind up the broken hearted.

Contemplating why I had been so assertive about not being an 'artist'
I scribbled something earlier about Don't be an artist but be artist.

It is a bit like the way the word washes me though I don't need to intellectually
own it fasten it down.Rather like water washing me or the lymph system
cleansing my blood when breathing... when I don't feel  I am over aware of it
that I know what to do...or why ..or how etc.

Being artist is breathing as everyone does.
( think this is expressed in a book called the Tao is Silent-not a Holy or religious book
just a humble natural unassertive and naturally blogged well breathed human moment
-Claske Franck after 30 years just thanked me a third time for giving her this book.)

Gratitude or praise for this gift of life is being- artist.An open invite of everyone to play
in the joie de vivre of this shared gift of life.

So being 'artist' is alright  it is just the 'creative?' expression of playful loving being.
Open to all to feel express and know gratitude-
no I do not believe it is for the 'gifted'
but it is a gift--oh yes that is true.

Open it for yourself be artist-do it badly
until it flows with hope joy possibilities unlabelled and kindly.
Share it  with someone and do not not let flattery
nor criticism get at you

Caught in the act of being an artist whilst
trying to simply get on with sharing
and being just 'artist'.
and then you will be playful--His SUN

Back to listening flowing with enjoying Isaiah 61.

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