Sunday, 3 July 2011

No one will ever have heard of you - yet again.

There's a thought that may be the true curse of the famous
one thought that God will simply not applaud
that just like when
'no one had ever heard of them'
'no one will have ever heard of them again'

Just like Nick Drake said on Fruit Tree
anonymous music playing on TVs 'Heartbeat' long gone
Just as actors come and go,an old story line
becomes original again
No copyright will matter
on the second time around

Yo never owned the body you stood up in Mr.Dawkins
Mr.Jones nothing is happening here
Dylan said he'd forever talk to us
Mr.Zimmerman's Bowie is only fooling horses
as darling buds of May are fading
the bar counter will never get the same applause
the Frost of I'm alright jack in a box
pulls sheepish wool over the famous fox
 in shepherd's clothings-new disguise

No one will ever have heard of 'me'again.

So then time to put your faith in Jesus
a famous name that simply will not fade to grey

Let's scribble some harmonica in God's altar
as the the old church organ's grunting goes away

Just a small praise band anonymous and yearning
for the riffs of Holy Spirit in our lungs
I remember in this temporary moment
Dylan's hymn 'may we all stay forever young'

As you deposit with the strength of the widow's mite n pain

don't get too confident
as the stranger does approach you
and lets you know
no one will ever have heard of you again.

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