Sunday, 29 January 2012

ask me i won't say no how could i ?

been for prayer for the
and the piano playing

Holy Spirit encourage me to bring cheer and joy Amen

went for a walk before church and two things
less is more emerged from the abundant hedgerow and landscape
someone had balanced a round red stone on the slanted grey sea barrier
a single very black smooth blackbird with bright orange/yellow beak was amongst a busy stick hedgerow

when i got back from church i spread the floor with books and things
this deliberate mess
contains clues and relationships of who i seek to be
Maurice sendak has produced three book forming a loose triptych through the years
the first was where the wild things are
the next was
in the night kitchen and the third
outside over there
so then a sort of biography of transformation clues
the third being a little like midsummernights dream a play within a play within a play

something my son was aware of so he sent me the third sponataneously via amazon

change the way you see things is a coaching book
par excellence as it points to asset based thinking 
what has God given you that you are not using
and what gifts lie undiscovered?

Ron Hilditch pointed out the existence of the Victory over lifes challenges
and it too is a coaching book on gifts and forgiveness
the little giraffes are a snoozy hat from when my friends
Julie and Erik Bengston employed me to design Swedish childrens clothing patterns
Moon Jumpers by sendak is a book written in haikus 
the ukeleli is colour coded like my bass and guitars
james rae gave me this lovely highlighter set
which is with sara Middhas french sketchbook
I long to continue to design as she does for businesses i like
botttom right a wonderful printmaker who makes family images is
Anita Klein

Annora Spence also makes wonderful playful prints and sculptures
about gentle colours and bold shapes and narrative compositions
I am going to be 60 soon
and long to play by making cloth sculptures of bold joyful forms
hjere is the lion cushion i bought and of course tove's moomin and a pig doorstop that was getting damaged so now sits high on t.v.

two project goals ar4e imminent
making a mind map of my writing course 
and teaching my lass of 4 the watercolour custard lesson

enough for now

John has passed me back the highlit notes on andrew matthews being happy
with these highlighter pens.

going to read a little and play some piano and tidy floor collage and have a cup of chai with soya milk

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