Sunday, 15 January 2012

Let us share our aspiration

renew our hopes
repair foundations
begin much
brighter ponderings
and with such themes
embrace the best of
income streams
sharing all that heaven offers us
in the 'currency' of life
give the excess of productiveness
abundant children husband wife
grandad grandma brother sister
family and freinds
with a love our father has for us it is
an ocean without end.

This is a series of images relating to the tree house rabbit hutch Robert and I worked on for the lop rabbits that we were to have.

Using the stumps of the pine tree that I had left buried in the ground and stripped,I constructed using their foundation and the support of the fence.
I build a platform around the trees using jigsaw cutting.
I created a hinge store for straw and food above
which added insulation by their presence.

There was a trap door into the run and beneath the ground  I double netted with laminated chicken wire
so they could burrow but not be attacked or run away.

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