Saturday, 7 January 2012

My goals-unscripted beginning

  1. Maintain good habits-

  • eating
  • morning page writing
  • walking
  • positive behavior and mindfulness
  • marketing
  • music practice
    2. Create and maintain Income streams and personal development

  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Artist
  • Mural painter
  • Guitar tutor
  • Life coach.
    3.Be International as well as local

  • Travel and do business/personally relate/share faith/belief/ hope/encouragement with world
  • Let the world inform me culturally wonderfully
  • International and local portraiture
  • Write about individual.village,city and inter related cultural concepts aesthetically morally
  • Musician and artist in different locations
  • Free lance yet employable on contract illustrative journalist
  • Language skills-seek to explore
4. Create products and market them

  • Brands: Jimtheartist  and Gifts yet to discover-always relate the two as one
  • Music theory and enjoyment booklets and worksheets
  • Creative playfulness books colour and line-Klee,Matisse,Searle-musical sense of touch to explore
  •  Illustrated and none illustrated Children's books
  • Objects tins of bits boxes and books of bits and suggested scripts for creative journeying within
  • Accessible Jesus 

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