Monday, 2 January 2012

Clearing a wall

Nothing is ever wasted  if simply reallocated.

Found the post card that goes with   the tie I was given later when I called to ask for some seed heads
I wished to use for an small drawing lesson.

Rachel Howard's work

wonderful klee
/da vinci  likedood
 les less is more

any way taking a leaf ouft of Jimmy Rae's actions I have begun clearing a space for planting 

 a clear wall for assiciative Tony Buzan style radiant musings 

writing course notes and coaching revision

will go alongside 
Izzy Pop the child detective musings plot planning and Gifts yet to discover encouragement notes.

Any way just ran a bath .Will get in with the oscillating  halogen lamp and Meat is murder album by Morrissey for company comfort and warm musings.I will take with me some Madame Ramotswi style ROibois tea but with milk.Oh I have reallocated a well buried timeline of Park gate on another wall and it looks well there.

The Angel kite in the scan is a machine embroidery made years ago when my sowing machine was working without a hitch though I have to put a plate across the feed dog.

I will go for a walk after my bath.My new digital Christmas presnt from Amy scales say I am 13 stone 
1 lb in my jim jams -a complete miracle in view of Christmas turkey,new years eve table of goodies and yesterdays scouse n bread n butter pud- I am well chuffed.

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