Saturday, 28 January 2012

Current relevence

personal significance
associative value
related to my current stream of thought
why were the books all over the floor to begin with?
to remind me
stimulate me
be used
to act as a friendly feeling-full nest

last night from amongst them
i found one and it spoke
it would not have spoken so loudly
it had not resonated with some of the thought that commenced this blog
visa vis
i want to tidy up a bit
well completely really
that is not realistic
identity is not in what i carrry
but out with the flow and the in and out flowing ness
being served and in serving
and if sounds unattractive then
sex it up a bit!

morning pages out pouring of all that fed the well of hopefulness
a friendly lion cushion
a silk union jack cushion
the crowne plaza with its vst shapes and its proximity to my old job
and place of safety
and courtship liver and atlantic hotel
retail therapy shoping for my child's dreams in
 God's rich out there bring in here to enjoy nest
artists dat going out to find
whilst carrying note book net book pen and materials
my isobel poppyness detecting the voice of God
in the gifts so far received in the
hope and belief of gifts yet to discover

i might yet ski dance deep sea dive k yak

the book i bought and only browsed is about simplifying my life
i bought it significantly with another
about procrastination i must find this other one one too
they are both books for a life coach which i now choose to study and practice and perform
just as i teach play and perform on instruments

I will come back to these morning pages

just list the scribble sketch of the day

post letter to jiimmy collins
return browsed book
man with a blue scarf
about Lucian Freud by
Martin Gayford
first put bathwater on
continue to tidy floor surfaces dust
get feather duster
and vacuum
and play piano in various styles
oh and jimmy don't forget to get money for dancing and to put on nice new dancing shoes
i have a shoe horn maybe i put them on just fo dancing

i needed some ordinary shoes
i will polish them sometimes

jusy now they are new

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