Wednesday, 25 January 2012

battle with the poor me mentality

i will not let people drown me with their serial  negativity
strategies to fight it in myeslf
marketing those things that i would enjoy to share coaching painting playing music etc
writing creatiing creative joyful thinking walking and if necessary staying away
from  negative news bringers who seek out the blues to share by asking themselves regularly what is wrong with the world their chuirch their friends
o i jst noticed it yes
nevertheless i am going to find good news and i am going to share it

Finding fault misery and ingratitude are no more Christian than Herod's washing his hands were an endorsement of go on do it then  see if i care Care and give joyful example do not share in fertilising sorrow but in helping with the cups  of tea and pointing to something better to dwell upon .

no he is a live and well and appearing in films like Shawshank and water for elephants he is the hero of joy in a world of deliberate judgemental/misery

be deliberately cheerfully Christian hard? yes it was and is! 
ah but wooww

liook the pollared tree is abundant with new sap filled ink wells of things to say all about your budding gifts talents fruit and flowers amen

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