Wednesday, 25 January 2012

yesterdays was almost a haiku

Today's is three days lat so then I owe myself a lot of  encouragement as a writer.
Affirmations then.
Sustained endeavors -I am doing new things.
Let me start with Monday night's dancing.
I was in the middle of ensuring that Simon's dog did not escape
and that I had the music Simon had just given me-
something in the way she moves,when Sandra rang the doorbell
one I had never heard before only pushed from the loose button that sits on the white sill outside.
She said 'you can kiss me' and with delight I did.
I had been eating sweets little fruit pastels i had had in the freezer since Christmas
She looked pretty and I had on a brown jackets stripy t shirt and brown Converse All stars.
She had said smart casual..Simon greeted us .
We exchanged something about the music-had i got it n stuff.
Sandra and I were both smiling cheerful.

At the door of the British Legion Social Club at Ellesmere Port
I was signed in and we left our coats on the chairs and made our way to the front
From the stage the instructor asked if there were any beginners I said yes and we went to front middle.
As partners kept changing I enjoyed the safety of belonging to Sandra.
It felt wonderful.She was radiant and kind.

There were four dance moves to learn and Sandra had mentioned a dance workshop at West Kirby
on Saturday.I booked myself on to it.

Anyway the first move was the clutch and I was to step back on  6 7 8  and then raise her hand to my
left shoulder with my right hand.Sandra helped me to remember to turn to my right following her after
sending her to the right in a spin.The I caught her left with my left and send her to spin the other way.
Then i was to do the walk through or is it the pass.Going under her arm to her right I would then turn her and spin her then we followed with the  octopus hand to hand enfolded she passed wrapped up before me
followed by the opposite wrap and then her again.Then we would both go side by side and kick out and click out free hands.and I would pass her before me and recommence the clutch.

Two girls demonstrated from the stage.One had a radio mike.Later Sandra took me to dance with her.

We had a drink of water and the girl at the bar said how this bar, behind it small corridor panel, was a hiding place for lads. Who having just learned, did not want to deny a dance, as the etiquette was to say yes to a girl's

Not having so many moves meant I sat a while watching-hopeless not having a repertoire thus only limited in the ability to be entertaining.I danced with two others-one a friend of Sandra's understood .Another more mature who did not so causing me to vocalize as I remembered the moves.Thus also making me feel a bit protected definitely did not want to give wrong impression.I found the fluidity of the dancing does cause me to have to think
and yet the technical aspect does not take away that this is a surrendering of will an acquiescence to male leading
that I have never experienced .Always refused lead roles musically and otherwise -just a part of the whole Anyway gentle kind and  not so frightening.

The day that ended with our gentle journey to lovely Christian music as Sandra navigated unforeseen road works and  reroutings lead to her loan of dance dvds of Southport and also a dvd from West Kirby library.
I watched this last on Tuesday morning before meeting John and returning it.

Water for elephants
the plot was good.
I narrated it to George but only in part.
Starting where Wonderful Life left off in some ways.
The vet student gets the news of his mum and dad in a car crash a midst  his exams
they have spent everything on his college and no money to pay the mortgage or arrears
turns out the dad had allowed people to pay him in chickens and other things .

Homeless he looks for work.
Befriending a man  he gets introduced to a circus
he falls for the horse rider main attraction wife of the ring master
This strong scary man is shown to be cruel when the vet
says the main horse has to be shot.The vet acting on this decision is then threatened
with being thrown off the train, but he is allowed to stay to take the brunt of the none ticket sales.
The ring master buys a n a elephant and is cruel to it until the vet shows him that it speaks Russian and cruelty is not needed.

I won't repeat the ending as you may like to see how it all turns out.

Anyway on my wall don't forget I am trying to string together clues as to how to do my writing assignment
and today I will concentrate on its length.

Back to Sunday .At the evening service a churches together in West Kirby service
I was on the sound desk.It was good to bring up each voice.Cathy's from the raise group then the readers and others.

and  to mix the sound and bring out the various voices there .Brian's lead vocal and main rhythm guitar
Grahams key board decorations and to lift his voice using the gain Danny's powerful voice restrained slightly but when the church gained its own voice push him up with Cathy's to sail on their tide whilst Graham and Brian's mellow softness blended into the whole church achord  .

Monday morning Simon gave me useful feedback on the coaching were were shaping together and I used his idea of actually carrying a sieve to talk of Core values and I did what he suggested by doing my own wheel of life to see where I might like to make adjustments and by grouping my core values seems COURAGE is the main one i seek to live up to.

This morning I thought of the family on as Amy and I got separated a little by Christmas
I saw the calligraphy set i have thought of the one i gave her and longed to show her how to use it.

Inner critic-told to watch out for in the Artists way

Lunchtime Monday Alison did me the same  kindness reviewing this first of the five coaching sessions i.e.
Core values wheel of life and then look to big precise written goals in allignment with core values.

I am learning
and I am trying new things
I am trusting in the Lord
whilst seeking to be proactive with what he has given me
gifts yet to discover
released yet not on view
seeds of hop

I will be 60in March and have made a promise to use the bus/train pass to paint and draw Liverpool a lot this year Have a holiday in own home town. Crowne Plaza I associate with my life coaching with John Haynes.
Without the coaching the calendar I did mainly with BNI friends funding and the whale book may not have happened.I could not really endorse to the full the reiki and the clairvoyance as goals.So I will know as these are not in alignment with my core values that clients seeking to be creatively lif coached for these are not really for me.

But dancing painting music and writing most certainly are-as is walking ,healthy eating.weight control, ecological dynamism ,fellowship, travelling an entrepreneurial spirit are.

So then the week so far one of encouragement so creativity. I have an appointment tomorrow to share wifi blogging ,website google etc ideas with a Ali and then on Saturday to go to dance workshop.

What to do today well to use the chord maths
 of little finger of right hand for maj 7 7 6
and left thumb for chords with added note in bass and shifts from maj to minor having familiarized the c major chord scale
WIFI at toast check it out
READ the rest of Young Sherlock Holmes book I have
WALK needs to be a long on so coast then upper road and see Tom then back through West Kirby
ISOBEL POPPY put everything I need to send my writing assigmnet onto the net book assisgment sheet number of words committed decision to the mystery story etc.Revise and start sheet of Tony Buzan style revision notes of the various chapters of the writing course using their niutshells lists

Two other things from yesterday
Sandra texted is Shawshank a positive thing?
I believe it is as I watched it again

My friend John who is 87 has just been in hospital
and his account whilst there exclude the film and my visit and the visit to his family
it is as if the things that we take into account whilst alone are the real us.
Similarly my listening and seeking to understand a lot of different teachers
some how excludes my own self-this came from something Ali and I shared.
Yet I do not believe it to be so.I beleive so much of us reslults not from dependency on others but in being in concert with them.So Shawsahnk is a postive expereince as is the slumpzty visits of friends and family

yes I know a jouralist writers first person like my own stream of consciousness inspired by
Julia Cameron's artists way does point out the Dylan Kerouac asstes within but they come from being out here there with others kindness and from books like being happy and the fab stuff by sark

i do not ant to be dower nor judgemental
i love it when John finds something of value and encouragement in the daily mail.

Yesterday included an art lesson sort of thing with my friends Harrison Rosei,Ellie and Billy and their mum

we chatted about food theatre sking and various thinhs whilsy I did dag cat and villain sounds from my repetoire whilst sharing paper strecthing toanl monochrome colour theory Paul klees notebooks
they made wonderful monochrome prints into autmnal trees beach combed abratacts and klees double heart single line valentines for dark to light tones

Shawshank is a deep and wonderful contemporary parable as is water for elephants

I beleieve with all my heart that our efforts are not wasted
that emmanuel means God within and God amongst
that we need a grow model for the whole church[es)
that you know that when we have caught the fish of truth we may mend the nets of capture
and yet forget the compartmentalism as we see the power of water
God's life sustaining  CURRENT sea see (curency)

Positive stories
my friend Ed Gilchrist encourages us to share random acts of knindness
and to share stories of good things happening in our lives
Christains should never kill this

what would Jesus do should be with fear
and trembling joy and excitement notice what the Holy Spirit is doing

My friend Simon needs his skin and joints lubricating
I saw a window full of seven seas products in the Chemist Window in Banks Road and thought of him needing to swallow the capsules rather than tasting the cod liver oil which is hard for him

I also saw as I went to the library that a well pollarded tree in front of the chemist in the station
looked like and upturned hand from which thousands of fresh fine bushing branches had sprouted taller that the hand yet the had could still be seen of where it had been cut back
we need to notice the good news and share it seek it out work to find its threads
dance out the clues thread them together into joyful simplified reassuring rhythms
bass lines threads ans share them .Toast itself is a jewel in the crown of west Kirby
the barren womb of the old carpet shop greasy spool and Christmas tree selling shel of a delapidated pigion infested station had been replaced with an essential modern family orientated exciting new venture IT IS GOOD NEWS share every bit of it you can find

another topic of tuesday morning chat in Char Bar another wifi friendly kindly family business like Sweet pea
and Toast was ...................well enough for today find sme good news and share it amen


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