Wednesday, 25 January 2012

letter in defence of my being an artist

I am in toast using their wifi and life is being abundantly blessed by
what is now 5 years of stepping out of the boat of employment and being artist
blessed by God.

evidence of His providence is this net book my son gave me as a
 pre Christmas gift after I had left off my writing course for two years

meanwhile I have been doing many murals and portraits house portraits clothing designs and now life coaching
there are indeed gifts serendity God incidences awaiting those who look at the gifts they have been given

and start using them

three componenetds of my current gifting come in the form of three books

being happy by andrew matthews
the artists way by julia cameron
and change the way you see things which introduces asset based thinking

the artsits i admire have been touched by the Holy spirit of as a child said jesus
i would add chagall maurice sendak the ahlbergs and many childrens book illustrators to this

my firend george gave a sermon on encouragement
and I wrote a song on a banjo and then gave the banjo away
 i still pursue a variety of teachers and instruments
there is no single gifting that would be not a gift but a rut

such ruts are not the Holy Spirit at work providence playfulness and a child with my father here in heaven
is truer Amen in gratitude

so my defences of my being an artist is that that broad expansive invitation is me doing what I see my father doing cerativity I beleieve in nothing but Gpd and God's love. A succinct letter but honour satisfied as i begin dance lessons and seek to share the life coaching i received from John haynes and i challenge Christian friends to be more cheerful playful and inclusive and to yes aks what would Jesus do but also see what the fatyher has done and the Holy spirit is doing

he is causing eddie to run
others to swim
enabling dawn to slim everyone to change

the lady who was not for turning was defining sin as
turning is repentance coming home to what the father has plantedas seeds in the core of our being.Amen

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