Wednesday, 4 January 2012

detect discern notice reflect upon

Izzy Pop is that eternal detective within me and within all of us.The child of children we all are.
Synapses searching rooting like naughty children and concerned parent over every clue,every instance of
connectedness twixt hints between things.The making sense and continuous recollaging of life to understand and become more awake to truth.We do not want and will not come up with a monstrous meaningless conclusion our evolution of language that is part of what thought is is altruistic if we are to mutually live interrelated and sensitised lives.The aspiration to become human.

Right is Susie  wonderful
authoress of  Bob and Susie's Isobel Poppy,who longs to sleep feed watch telly laugh cry
and be alive to it all make sense feel secure like we do what a
 fabulous life.Amen

Lying in my bed a whole flood of searching words arise as I feel they always did before I read Julia Cameron's suggested Morning Pages as a tool.What makes it hard for me to plot plan and why I prefer to view things through Tony Buzan Mindmaps is the detective in me that wants to be a patholigist yet notices like Robert that there are billions of pieces to play with simultaneously.This syneasthesia of nerves ends data capture of our human echo of the subsequently created binary weave of computer.This offers billions of simultaneous vast oceans of grit and museums of visual tactile fragrant labelled unlabelled musing .Forgiveness is the inclusiveness of all things into being relevent and loved even when experiences are painful stinky and rotten fertiliser to the seed the flesh contining it moves us on down a vriety of rivers of sight taste touch and memories.Not wonder the hocus pocus of making money out of red herrings of pretending to know something and offering unknowable untestable advice anooys us when we or they put a price on it.yet the need to play along with the game of money flow currency not of thought but falicy .We must exchange the kind in knindess that we have to share.

Midwives to each others intellect,Life coaches to each others spiritual psychological physical well being. The well
is a place we reach down into for water to irrigate and wash and share hydration that life all life must have

The reason for the question mark is the authenticity and reliability of ever so clever comforting seeming reliable thought is a music not on the page where you can see it as words nor in the ear where you can hear it as sounds that we decode as text or synaptic stimulations of a variety of collaged inferred shared memories no.

the flow of thought the river of being the music that is already playing the impossibility of sleep.O my lovely little grand daughter Izzy simply is Is Is IS IS Is wonderfully alive to her being and does not want to let go of the milk the flood of images and sensations of BeInG alive to it All
bEiNg aLiV e tO iT aLl  I myslep have woken up from reading and gone to bed not to sleep but to find thought playing its tune and find myself listening

I noticed that just as with music I have two ways in
either root about or seek to stand under the authority of given patterns in staves tabs scale chords semitones and counting of chords and ttsttts etcs

when writing it is one of automatic kerouacLaurie LeeDylan flow fluidity currency of listening and seeing what comes or standing gazing fingers on the pulse of plot planning and Tony Buzan overview selection the menu or the the recipe versus or accompanies the tasting and the playing with techniques and ingredients .

Morrissey is playing live form the other computer
and I have just done lots of random collaged scanning...
JUST enjoy the indredients of the selection box
through the clues of your detectiveness
the free associate lego blocks of being

BUT is it art
IT is most certainly not?
It doesn't not matter
in any way shape  
form or otherwise
it like us is 
if we forget the pathetic question 
humourous suggestion
it is 3 25 a.m
and Morrisey live album rank is being placed with abstract doodlers images 
into my world 
planet jim effortlessly with a good drum beat

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