Friday, 20 January 2012

blaming other peoples just no good

Woke up with a million thought about Isobel Poppy the detective's investigations.Decided her ruminations are done aloud to an audience of Marple the cat early morning as she washes the dishes as an experiment whilst wrting her essay for general studies on human needs.Her form teacher is Miss Jackson,who is harsh but fair she has decided but will eventually be the perpetrator of the crime.Decided Issy likes the word  pathology and thinks that should  a subject in school as she loves paths .She has run the hot water and despite her mum saying to use marigolds to keep her hands nice she likes the fell of the water and using her nails to get the muck off.Though her mum n dad have got a dishwasher ,she argues what about global warming.Yes but we cannot just watse the investment and anyway what time is there these days to wash dishes.She can talk whilst cooking and gardening with dad,shopping with mum and baking with mum and shopping with them both.Ohh

other thoughts it is this kindly but firm miss jackson  I will put on my new peice of paper on the wall
the pathology of the wall plan from left to right will show our criminal on the extreme right and our detectives qualities extreme left.Isobel will be like curious George a victim of her own investigative curiosity and journalism

perhapps yes she leaves her notebook of investigation in class and miss jackson wants to help her but this allos her to manipulate and alter her thinking and mess the path up as it were. A bit like the way my morning pages of expression may maker my own story wrting messy as instead of doing a number of staright lengths in the swimming pool i wonder what else can be done with the music

like my mum my head starts to think along another path music like the trees i draw the intrument i want oto play
can be done so many ways like the crime.Isoabel will suspect the lady she saw in the bokshop and her son andhis dad with the walking stick i visualised and caused my opening scene in nottingham to styart with the theft of a marks and spencers bag
whne i had the idea of her dad bobster  making for her an handbag that can be programmed to lokk like it is full whilst hiding a camera that surviels fro her surveillance .

the search for things didcouragers of my writing music and leading to blocks in creativity and lack of confidence are the investigations of my me for the morning pages so did i come up with anything whist i slept/woke thought things?

blaming well i was held back by not doing my homework for getting caned fro the backlog by a self indulgent bottom wacking mr jackson whilst i recall being encourgaed in my art in primary school by the edward lear jumblies reading misss brazendale who got pregnant that al and i both fancied

i was sure i thought of something else in the rummaging in my sleep through the drawers of my me

i like this expression i will give it to isobel she will refer to herslef in two parts

well my me thinkks that ecology is good and we should wash our dishes by hand

i myself have run water and there is a contest for space twixt the plastic pots i recycle for art messons and paint mixing for murals

the dishes are calling to me but to recap then I am washing dishes and so will isobel
i have plastic pots that i am recycling so will she
i am keeeping notebooks and morning pages and whilst i find something for her to investigate she seeks to solve a crime

it is half past 6 in the morning and my day will have a plan
i have a year wall planner now
i will go and do the dishes and return to this

i will go and put the oscillating halogen heater that gives off so much light you dodn't need a lith on in the bathroomand i will descibe the sofa
so far i am helf way through washing up and recycled containers are spilling off fro the surface as fresh washing up spill form the draining board

the sofa has two grey dumb bells left at dee fine arts for me by jenny
and a glad no matter what book by sark
i will go run my bath and put said heater on

oh i had the though that bob inmvestigated the rabbit hutch to find a casserole cooking in the bedchamber surronded by straw as issy wanted to both surprise sooze n da with slow cooking in a straw oven and had spotted a ready made one in the rabbit hutch

'no wonder she didn't want me feeding them'

keep thinking about a g

i have two friends alison goulbopuren music teacher and phtogrpaher and my deceased friend arthur gee

a.g is now teashing yet  i am now setting myself up to life coach and also writing these detective books about my garnd daughter both quality suggestions by her

issy poures sea mist into her bath and used the soap with sea weed in thta garndpa had given to her
and lost her self in tove jansson daydreams about moonintroll

Affirmations then
i can get up early
i can make micromovements
i can market myself
io have encouraging friends
sue has invited me to advertise the coaching-she has a laminator
i give myelf quality health care and diet
i am now 13 1
and am sustinin g good eating habit chicken fruit lighter options n veg but taking in protein
i am learning to plot plan
i have maintained my goal of writing by morning pages
use of net book and persistant pursuit of one
and now have dumbe bells and dnace to help with my upper body
walking is not to ha[ppen today the wind is very wild outside
whilst i have grieved past hurst i have a healthy preoccupation with forgiveness and balmelessness
i.e i a m a psit resurrection love of jesu encouraged and wamred by hope in his renewal christian

Whilst our syanpses make snap judgements
withe the snap cracckle and pop of
the amagdala so conditioned medicates us
incorrectly with the adrenalins of fight or flight
some people will make wrong decisions if kindness and the fruit of the spirit are
not part of the diet of their nurturing hence the
a child learns what he/she lives

issy pop read this and pndered
time for my bath then

dishes washed
now me
affirmative beginnining piano practice afetr bath it is 7 15 nd the stream of consciousness is flowing ok

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