Saturday, 7 January 2012

collect your thoughts

create a museum of the future
no not a da vinci science museum
 a living one of hope and possibility

try this series of thinks

modernism-like a boat with an arrow saying fish here on the side as both it drifts and so does the tide!
post modernism-the time that follows free of the constraints of others earlier goals
post post modernism-the open system of hopefulness retro present &future unknowable

post resurrection
completely forgiven
hoping for.......................peace beyond understanding
you are standing in post card space with no need of a stamp

George whilst we were walking the cliffs spoke of his grandson as we stopped for him to take a strip of mecanno like metal from his shoe

He posts things any thing
into any thing

does it automatically
you never know where things have gone
or where they will turn up

aaaaaah this small boy
has an instant system 
creating one object museums every where
go on rearrange the duke box of your life!a future life museum of wonder


random unknowable wonderments-fish here where you are

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