Thursday, 5 January 2012

unwaste some time now

Tear apart a magazine.
Choose the pictures that cheer,
challenge and draw you.
Arrange them with no clear determined purpose
 to make a picture of them
as loose thought
 is your own
take them in differently
create connections of
or personal goals/visions/desires hopes

You are looking for a goal and an inspiring path
 but this is not the tealeaves and
this is not your normal intellect

You may find the magazine
did not offer you the palette
 you wanted
Are there pieces missing?

 Perhaps go to a travel agents
and get some warm beaches
 or go for a walk
or a journey to find those bits n pieces
and place stick photographs
 and Pritstick and sew
Perhaps write a poem or simply

a list of affirnmations

I am....loving kind

make the list endless

and then what makes 'me' happy.......

who inspires me?
What qualities do I admire
associated images clothing etc

There I knew you could un-waste your life time
it ain't time off it is true time on

now phone some folks make some appointment to share good news anything worth while
dump the Daily Mail in the bin perhaps get the 20p paper and high light quality expressions/observations or create your own crossword puzzle
 i mean happyword puzzle out of words you like
make your collage into clues and your famous heroes too
use their qualities as descriptions
thus create inventive playful kindly easy clues

to detect who you really would like to aspire to and in truth are the kernel of

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