Saturday, 7 January 2012

O.K so then morning pages and a walk

morning pages and a walk

Not so much resolutions as quality habits
what other habits do I want ot sustain and develop

writing course for children
 plot planning and do mind map of the first Isobel Poppy book on empty wall

helping people set goals as a life coach-currently creating quality note from good book

Julia Cameron's   The Artists way
Andrew Matthews  Being Happy

maintian diet of fruit n veg and points counting subliminally
piano practice-get more book use what I have and create a loose schedule for the week
market and sow seeds for  jimtheartistfleming

 house/people portraits
 guitar tutor
 life coach

other income streams
 join a band as bass and harmonica player
lead or rhythm too

just interupting this broadcast as
my other subliminally set goals just kicked in

viz walk 
and prepare low point packed lunch for Dee
think about how to spend lunchtime oh yeah reading this time

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