Saturday, 7 January 2012

owning my reality-piano

Affirmations and yet honesty within my goals
 so as to deal with the reality and seek God's
 purpose for my heart.

 I am seeking to learn music on several instrument.
I have had piano lessons.
The fingering of the major scales
 right hand 1234 123 12345
 left hand 54321 321 4321 321

I just responded to a small fear
I tried as you can see the fingering about
 by touch and then transfer to the page
then looked on the internet and saved
 using the star like Amy showed me
I am pleased to affirm that my fingers
 had remembered correctly

Realizing the kind gesture of a friend
 to teach me piano meant get me started
I now choose to seek assistance when
God brings it ,but meanwhile to have
a habit of practicing

It is a goal to do grade one piano
I will put the timing skills
1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and etc into practice
and also think about rests and dotted notes
occasionally I will clap out a rhythm

I am taking responsibility for this gift
of the keyboard form George & Lynne
and the gift of the start up by Barbara
to do something to maintain the intention
goal in me to play perform and create using the piano as a pallet e

So I have the fingering of minor and major scales printed out
and I have book2 of John Thomson's Easiest Piano Course

I must go it alone,yet my hearts desire is to find a kind soul to
show me and point me in the right direction
Ali has said I may show her from time to time .Thank you.

So addressing this goal I will do the
scales after I have blogged the Morning Pages.
I will create a new page as I want to do a sheet of Goals
 and see how an editable page of their own will be functional

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