Saturday, 28 January 2012

keep finding wonders

sieving for the precious
assembling the marvellous clues to related joys
letting go of the once so important gratefully

so then tidying is a blessed act of joy
i will return to it later
first a bath then post drawing to father jimmy
then get money for dancing and take
book back to library then 45 minute walk then probably time for dancing
any spare time will be for piano practice
printing heart etchings on monday
also inspired to make foil heart containers to make heart egg custards

the tidying gave me these gifts
i spotted a piece of paper from sark journal
it made me go find the star with the chosen words in

these are how i would like to be described

this birthday card from Claske 2008
is a drawing by Frederick my friend Amen

the lvely ducks and wrapping paper i think both from Claske too

Simplify is the book God graced me to pick up from the floor of books last night
it is the seed that brought this flower of tidying today
its sister purchase is also going to be read this time as a committed goal relating to my creativity life coaching
Tony Buzan links to the startegy of mind mapping i am employing for the revision of the children's writing course
i am making a goal of spontaneously writing a mystery for assignment 8 and quitting procrastination.

My holdiday in Barcelona with Amy relates to this second mystery novel
i am now able to make this my main proper read having completed one of Roberts books
an a young sherlock

time for my bath. 
Oh whilst all this has been going on my new friend in Christ Sandra has responded encouragingly enthusiastically to my dance emails and Sooz my future daughter in law has promised me robs birthday wish list so
i will soon be shopping for bobby's birthday
dancing again this afternoon and tomorrow
i have started putting things on my year planner woopy doo!


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