Thursday, 19 January 2012


ok then lets see
whats to do
whats the goals
i can review

but let us see whether i can just morning page
not just drift though nor cling to the sure/shore
but set off into the deep/uncertain

currently reading red leech a sherlock when young novel by
Andrew lane
little details that over lap with my life
rosin gets described
violin playing techniques listed
i am hoping jo from church will teach me violin and thus i will cycle with violin in its own ruck sack

the Andrew  Lane book has is good reading gripping
young sherlock has an older brother myers i think and
a friend matty who has been abducted because of sherlock's investigation of an old house
now he is on board ship pursuing his friend and the captors

my objective when reading and watching such as this on telly
is to plot plan get ideas and hope to inform fertiliser instigate step into Isobel poppy detective story writing

my other current activity is the launch and hence revision of
the positive thinking encouragement be happy literature that
will inform the creativity life coaching i am now advertising
i bought a small book for £7 to write note on clients
of their goals

meanwhile i have goals i want to pursue investigate and detect the Holy Spirit jabez yearnings in me

assignment 8 of writing course-thus revising plot planning and breif notes nutshell needs have cleared wall and will do Tony Buzan style wall of writing molecules
piano simon
well being dance  Sandra
bass  urc ann and other kindly leaders
murals marketing them
guitar lessons matty and adverts
drawing tuition adverts?  lovely family of 4

Morning pages currently doing them will go to Liverpool today and  blog where there is free wifi
and text ali and take notes on writing course too

when i woke up this morning i was thinking how the sleep
enables the room of our mind to spill everything in a wonderful associative jumbles to seek to make sense of the comparisons and weave of our threads of being


isobel could smell the morning and feels its moist chill.
I will go and investigate the bird i can hear singing.
No marple you will chase them away you stay all comfy just there.

Pulling on a dressing gown and tucking the cat in
with a few chocolate buttons she slipped the latch and slippers on went past the hutch her grandad had dreamed up built in the tree outside the lops were up thought smowie was tucked under her brothers ear

The thaw had gone and though the breeze was chilly her ankle enjoyed the warmth in the sunspots on the scorched ground of winter dad would become interested again in the growing and legeo star wars replaced by
squashes and cane structures and walking.

The birdsong  thrilled her awake to he purpose as the folds of the warmth in her dressing gown
tucked her dreaminesiness in and allowed her to bed her self whilst enjoyed the dream of investigating and becoming alive to it all there it was but what was it .grandad had found an old observer book of birds
a kind of orangy mamraldy brown colour that once has a paper cover

still within minutes her return to the house and moments searching was replaced by the joy that the bird was still here she could hear it aaaah there you are she said to botht the page and the fledgling in all its glossy shrill and sparkling black and yellowness 'a professional song thrush' is what garanda said of such

I need to mischief to explore.perhaps likein Postman Pat a book and t.v prgramme she found herslf miming like a Christmas game of ....what is it called    so many syllables and sounds like She got her mind back on track investigating her own thought again like grandadad nlp what was i saying to myself and was it positive?
yes yes yes now then oh yes the bird sang so wonderfully for a bout five minutes izzy simply stopped to listen

A spade stood in the concrete cold soil like a momunent with the solist singing just for izzy
it was saying something in code to her alone
it wanted her to follow it
its eye shnone with communicatation curiosity encouragement and wisdom it was grandad must be

he had read her the once and future kind and like meditation by a zen monk young athur being a fish somehow informed his ability to pull out the swaord

I must get a copy of the once and future king by t h white wrtitten pre disney and not for animation it was well written i rememeber

she followed it as it gathered clues and spread them in a picture on the stones in front of the green house
then it flew inside througha gap in a broken window. Marple sat beside her and she realized the bird had gone

so what ahd the bird managed to say with these bits n peices ?

Well I will returmn to this blog later today as i am unsure whther ai have done the amount suggested by jilia cameron

p.s i am not editing the ramble yet.

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