Tuesday, 31 January 2012

tuesday morning and it is the 31st january

today will top up phone ans see blaire at 2 and then tani a 3.30 and i will do the revision toni buzan style on the
paper with high lighters and tomorrow i will do the assignment 8 tonight i am hoping to see a film with barbara
yesterday was fantastic even martin byrne on facebook put up what a great monday it was what an affirmative world enjoyed brian clarke being at mike's last night it was about the neediness of the man at the spring and about jesus tell him not to sin again or it will all go much worse being proactively encouraging and none judgemental seem to be the repeated message not sure my agreeing with people and then putting a spin on what they say counts but the spin is positive reconcialtory and so i hope it helps rather than hinders i liked how things seem to be making sense for me persoanlly and i know that seems selfish but i am encouraged by nelson madella be powerful and by pauls letter saying do something so the something i do is core values goals with constitent then adjustment to lifes wehhel by keeping goals consistant with values then micromovement s of sustained hope as options become actions and grow into a god given intentionality from the seed at my own core.

i will be meeting with frinds this morning but i became content in distratcing myself to two gelaings from face book the one was robs oh well by fleetwood mac the other a film animations of books that fly and illustrate the morning pages breath of life through writing and the life of a book being repaired by reading it ultiamtely about fulfilment of purpose the third entry was steely dan 's do it again perhaps ken izle will be at char bar and then perhaps ed gilchrist will be too

'sustaining'  doing it again and doing new things are the ruminations of this mind doing its morning pagesfroma a body that is getting excerise is being blessed by God's provision and does stand amazed and in awe of mostly everything i beleive in nothing but God  this enigmatic truth is accompanied by the rather starnge assertion that came for me from sometwhere sure i read it and beleieved what jesus di the miracles he did as a man with a flesh heart core values are then not ethereal spiritual howver everything is God breathed so in this body of reconciled opposites and seeming paradox abundance and less is more coexist as realities because that is the way God chooses them to not only appear but to actaually unpunctuated be
i will get dressed soon as i enjoy noticing a strength of conviction in a weedy fireld of awareness of my vulnerability i am not god but am eveidence of the presence of thie love that sustains maintains embraces ecourages and brought me and is bring ing me and yo about when the lady said she wasn't for turnign she was actaully saying i won't repent and i refuse to be a dancing partner 'oh well' indeed don't ask him what he thinks of you he might not give the answer that you want him to ddddddaaadaa diiddiidididiee doodoo da da da   da oh well.........................................................back jack do it again

oh last night too i printed my little nude hearts onto flower paper and set them for strength into a better bodied watercolour paper i prepared and tided the kitchen and the flat is taking on a spring clean feel like simons world
the etchings are for valentines day and what is interesting is i used to watercolour them and put a thin gold edge in them less is more but heh just letting the temptation tio put that gold edge back in must think on that one i have only printed 9

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