Wednesday, 1 February 2012

plot plan the artist

the new film about the change from silent to talkies is really about neurosis versus eccentricity
the main character george valentin who is about to fall from his own vanity

george valantin and peppy miller

reminds me what my dad said 'self praise is no recommendation'

he has disregard for hi wife and for hi leading lady and loves himself first than his jack russel
yet amused by a girl who accidentally falls into his aura and comfort zone
creatively includes her and thus launches her and shapes her carrier by giving her a difference her beauty spot
this random and perhaps rare act of kindness is his saving grace the cinema titles on the outsides lit panels billboard is a commentary running through the film lonely actor guardian angel etc acting like subliminal advertising a greek chorus telling you the approriate emotion to respond with and the musical score is brilliant too

two themes then pride before a fall

and don't get too comfortable in your comfort zone

his worlds falls apart because like mrs thatcher he aint for turning (true meaning of the word 'repent')
thus not missing the target(ture meaning of the word 'sin')

it was nice to be out with my friend
three items of clothing were significant detail in our own story
i arrived and my love told asked 'where's your big coat?'
she had on a nice quilted black one
then when we settled at the brand new picture house the light
at new new brighton with cup of tea and biscuits
my shoes for dancing irefered to them as big expensive debenhams
yet though i imagined that she may find them clownish etc
she said she would go to the pictures again in a fortnight if i wore my dancing shoes

george continued to pursue his own success and ignore the chances to change

whilst drinking our tea i had spoken about the wheel of life
and about core values and the hope and prayer and belief mine is courage
i shared that it was a surpise to me but an affirmation i was miraculously claiming

just thought today i will go down to spotty tea pot cafe
to write
a thought that added itself to this was if i can find the camera software i could put images straight into this
when out if i have drawing to phot ectc
but hey i am going to just try now to do so with a chord and see if this has any software on it here goes

So then I even have that joy
I will need to know how to save and adjust as it is now a miscrosoft word clipart thingy i think but we are in.woopee.It is quarter past 9.

In the film before i have some porridge
the main charactor  George sticks stuck in his very sticky neural groove and unlike the man in the pool area of bethesda he doesn't see his guardian angle is with him no he carries on investing in his beleife sincerely wrong
perhaps i may be the same in my assertion that we can ask for and receive as olvier twist does and also jabez many gifts love joy peace kindness faithfulness music painting dancing being blessed self control love goodness olives diets walking bicycles kindnesses to give things randomly away but heh

there he is with narrow focus neurotically addicted to self undiscovered voiceless as is the film on one dimension thought a musical score gets untinterupted by dialogue thought the old equivalent to speech bubbles does come in or do we sometimes get invited to lipread i think we do   time for me porridge

but then eccentricitypain and disaster like in the article on the book and the book iteslf 'being happy' by andrew matthews we get to see the function o of pain is to change us and jesus then says to the man don't do it i.e.e sin again what is his sin that of not climbing in to the pool for himself making excuses refusing to change.

the third item of clothing in my world with my love is that of a hat
did i have one
yes you did
we retrace our steps to seats for tea care for journey cinema for picture and i go back in a lad says i will find it and he does i am pleased it was a gift from amy amen halleleujah

the simplifies wheel of life comes from julia cameron the image above is from a charity shop a top and also a saucer for a similarly lovely heart foundation cup the image bottom right are notes for a mural adjustement to take in some romance of soem kindly folk helping me to learn to dance


 The Artist is in black-and-white and is genuinely silent. Set between 1927 and 1933, it focuses on the relationship between the handsome, narcissistic George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), an established movie star, and Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), a pert actress on her way to stardom. The opening sequence takes place at the premiere of George's latest adventure film, "A Russian Affair", in which he appears with his gifted performing Jack Russell terrier, and we see both the silent movie itself and the silent orchestra and mute black-tie audience in the cinema. The outrageously self-regarding George then takes an onstage bow, largely ignoring his angry female co-star, before greeting fans on the sidewalk outside the cinema where he meets cute with Peppy

these two images that really need rotation are the starting point i used based on paul klee for an art lesson last week for ellie rosie harry n billy

sort of going off piste connecting two heart centres
a sort of eccentric bicycle
perhaps inviting me to have a weird plot planning device or to connect the two wheels of life the freer six spoke that include play and romance and the more formal one that talks of marriage and carrier

interesting that saying please is not a commandment
as jesus just says to the lady at the well give me some water and more brusquely to the man pick up your bed   the minister said jesus wasn't british aaah now then mmmmmmm! true

God had me notice godincidentally that i was about to miss my brother's birthday and he fixed it for me with a text followed by davids phoecall followed by his coming over us sharing two rings in a metal tobacco container mum and dad

then ruump steak and shandy in weatherspoons and david talking about mick who plays falmenco and thus enbaling me to give a very white christaian guitar to him
my prayer is mick will start david off playing guitar and that i may be able to encourage and watch him grow in this amen

seeems i cannot stop investigating nor seeking to reconcile the simple and the complex when i really just want to simplify.i will do another blog see one above

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