Saturday, 14 April 2012

do not share it

keep it hidden
you are naked
clothe your self
get out of my garden
never to return
you now have knowledge
of the way
to blue
be outside the core
i will graft you in one day
you point to a face a stone face a single steping stone into the river where the next step is turst
and a wedding or it is back to the sure of equal uncertaintly where love doesn't live here no more
of jimmy nails
and wooden crossroads and
she's lying
with ever action a refection of the love i seek to share you make a mimicked pot
cast as if a slip pot similar and even if not the same a womb for the true seed but a mother left empty till
her child beside her her boyfriend her unnoticed man her kind lover who need to know she will not reject him for the empty sailing on isolation hermit hildegarde von bingen holiness or jan gabarek's high flight
but with the deaf percussionist in a cave like a hermit with functional wonderful shells of delight tinkling the shore together two voices can stir a tsunami of love in their mutual thrillness i believe in love i believe in art but this art is the name of three men tree men hearts of yew that seem to have been hollowed out but have left me here the outercasing the very alive absorbes joy and ocean current of playfull continuum there is no still ness
oh billy winchester i saw you wandering hermit always you swam the sea and you swam lakes in forests and yet when your small flesh was burnt from its white sticks i could not gety to behind the metal corrugated workmens fence at the crematorium to ri the voice from the naggin knife of the pneumatic chill that spoke of life of mindlessness

on a mountain somewhere someone might one day offer me the quiet for my sadness as i like you sought to stir their very joy so that instead of the eerie height of ripping eagle and self righteous angel i would off them the soul of a lover that is the lark ascending from the risked bed in the shrubs of lif'e golf course where the seldomness the casualness and folly of man's game is spread for longer and yet your song vaughan williams is sung for them all to draw them away forom and not towards the nest to be out here with me creative great view near by

the danger as we know is to have a uninhabited place where they will put up there pylons and web like spiders the air itself and suck the vista dry of our rippling efforts to fly free of foolish art work to become gold leaf and canned artis poo when we are part of the river i am not in it i do not walk it God will show you there is nothing but me

ego is

transcended i matter |god love this individual as he is not aprt from he is at heart only god nothing less

in jesus fulfilment and purpose and care eternallly one day but more likely in christ you know you cannot leave the hat without removing your very head

inversly and yet still really puzzlingly true for words are the threads that evicdence the head and the head the crown of the fruit and the mind in the fingers is equal to the soil and i am then here and gone and samuel beckett seek in godot to hang around the french counrtyside resistence movement to get people out of the regime of catechism enfoced by law and into the reall world of   not knowing
exploring together
both mutually dressed in mutual warmth amen

a donkey is not just for easter nor for christmas

and the scientific camera and the acid and the plate even the plate camera was invented by the lake that etched the groung to make the spring that she refelects back to herself now bu narcissuss is only missing echo and echo missing the point just like freud and dali did strange but surreal what was i thinking says hugh grant
persnality less and hollw
not to be interviewed he was just the pencil in the hand of the director not supossed to blow the bloody doors off it will let the rain in
the roofless church of the big issue sellers i sang my song and tom and jean were there as the balloons released in concert and catalist marko wondered about what was happening as the film of their venture had not brought hoim the joy and all was way beyond and yet god's will be done and i sit and i collage in the water of thought willing the current to find me right that you lord god and you lady neighbour may nurtute a kindness to let this child tells you i miss and love ebvery raindrop that has fallen into me amen

kenneth williams cultivated streams of hope in his transporting knowledge that though he too created wisdom streams left little room for others who had lovee that reassured and settled their sensuousness and betjemen shy and lovely and parky could not stop kenneth nor satisfy his neediness oncce the deep cut into th mountain ridge has been cut the slightest breeze will stirr the loneliness of the deeply hurt and unloved open arms of a child with out mother and man without his wife/love/frind he will desperately send out a current to evry nightime shining shivering isolation car the dark of the seeming lighthouse chasing the light of the twinkle in the eye of the bird that like the frigate bird booby cannot land on the ground and must steal the sould food midsrtream form other birds but not alone god has made many for the same species to wonder at epecie to specie man is lonely as a sepcie say steve berger hence the need to make a flm called alien where a sick looking sham puppet appeals to the heart of unnatural pop corn eating amn and corn fed chickens instead of reerange none battery hens are full of omega three let us find the land so put up the plum tree and the fig and pray jesus will come and fill you amen to my hopeull lonely sould i already mis the friend i nerly knew but the wife who is always about to go oh lord when will you stop the devil treating me like job? oh my firend in jesus open you flask of tea and share the printroom at wrexham and and let me know you are there can it be a female eve to my cheerful adam and let there be lots of sharing and let me applaud you on an instrument somehow

i blog not for julia but because it is the clay being washed for us to share together

oh what a pleasure when i was the flying car of life and hope to give a lift from a to b to billy amen
and how great to take in turns the car to wrexham when art and i ate and etched our prayers into momentary watery smiles and laughter

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