Sunday, 15 April 2012


Gentle yet almost miltary Debussy piece building in the background
has turned into cinematic swirls and gusting urgency
oh this would be perhaps wonderful if i was arouse and urgent
yet this is one of those chill mornings with hope of sunlight cold april waiting for any flowers from any where some smile on the face of a friend any friend yet
some illicit ....................

no go not to the truth that is negative but the the equal truth of creative imaginative there is a warmth in me and there now as if i felt or remembered the gentle corner the music would turn

the girl want to look lovely in the bower of her own feminity to be pictured as part of the scen i should have picked up some clues never mind says edgar allen poe and guagauin and don't go again say arthur there is warmer sunlight to cycle to on michelangelo lit mountain and grander vista

 astern father a friend in a pulpit says as she recalls and momentarily expreesess an unkind father and i reflect on her sharing caring kindly soft spoken hubby and am gladdenned by what god has done and i am now rtransportd on a portal of light to chester a bookshop and i am safe able in the ancient castle of parental childhood day out to know my way to have my own car and to know where to park and how to be patient to make apicture that is not instant but gently caresses the day i am able to cocoon myslef in god's cathedral of 2012 possibilities oh some of this 60 water will flow through my fingers but that really is alright we cannot own the place nor the relationship should god say like on both of our rough edged then the seem will be real and know not seems but share and become and be happy to be one oh the sensuous hopeful river of god's feminine gift to me in my sleep brough me back not despondent unsatisfied wife but loving wonderful girl woman thank you lord god you are not cruel you have not let me be totally alone i see in three d and also in a flow of possibilities

God has brought the flute and the deep bassoon and brought the arm sun through the trees and the caress of the true etch and the glanced mark and the subtle spill on the lovely shore of a wave that does not say go to a job brother did not meant to hurt me and i did not mean to be hurt we are close he says and i trust it is now so in my very soul let it be so

rejection is cruel yet acceptance has in some way to be conditional i will tidy you away from my room too if you will not come in and do not wish to love me be gone with you let me find the heaters and put on the bath water that no bad thing happened nor will for if you sought to share you did me il

oh god that i should be brought to light to bloom and to bed with the sunlight of tenderness to be caressed by your creation oh thankyou for feminine fragrances of lavendar and flowers i cannot know footballl not endear myslef to sport i am like a winged bird that sees all and goes to fond blossom and listens to music on the glazed open window farm radio i am the darling budding may and the big old horse allowed its pasture oh that is waht is truly needed a big horse .

and still there is the wonderful milled bell of an object that dad made and i am here not alone but caressed by success of not self but god appointment and his child and i must trust and be in awe of my appointment with hope god must like me jsut as i am and yet lord a friend a girl friend post her from your infinite amen

there i have been given the truth th internet is just a reflection small cosmos corner of the atoms and energy of god's infinite

let us bury ourselves in you and share those times when tax discs and tax returns amd mot are due and both find jobs we like to share the people there and trust and absorb them into our momentary life's garden of tender tears wine music laughter and goodliness amen

o let babs be content with another that she will share her family with let another jimmy not be made lonely by unrequitaed hoepfulness amen

let the past flow awy from me and show me what to do with these branches and twigs amen

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