Sunday, 22 April 2012

ritualistic ought to be like this-ness versus spontaneous accept what i am working withness

a whole culture of sick psychotherapists advance their impoverishing limitations on us
whilst religiously broken creative stuck persons fail to
express themselves hear their own voice let alone squeak it

looking for a a vantage point amongst the crowd i take my pen and notepad my camera and my camcorder against the flow of the crowd following or waiting for a large wooden doll 'giant' with gentle small friendliness
th shift of scale of large tenderness looking like a children's book character to wake yet whilst she sleeps
we hear her subliminal level wordings of smudged thought as this is amplified with her breathing the umperlumpers who make 'the machine ' girl operate are away n droves as they are not on their shift whcih is that of surgeons nurses anaesthetists and doctors who give her 'life'

a father frowns as the alarm clock ticks in the minds of the crowd that will wake up to her by pulling towards her held in part by obedience and group family altruism by a flimsy white n red plastic tape thier theatre trolly the umperlumpas is a crane on a trusck someone for eyelids someone for lungs for she breathes and this was left on auto when she rested in a deck chair

i saw the scafffold lilly the pink writer photographer and brotherr of liverpool paul and we are not far from his show near beatle museaum where people are gathering for elevated view of this particular lucy in the sky with diamond elanor rigby come to life manifestation daughter of eve and survor of the 100 year old titanic disaster  i wrote twice and had to tippex out with emulsion the year 1912 i kept putting 1902 on brookdale wall mural this week

tom i hope to see in church toady and to hear his close harmony barber shop singers in the altar of the urc i phoned marko and texted another friend as this may befarewell yet i prayed with john as i called for prayer on the lost camera i watched foyles war after john prayed about the joy of sharing the found that had been last i phoned him to tell him it was found

i am eating soda far toast two with jam two with egg salt n pepper

i have started a correspondence with another friend whoo feels broken who like lyself wants to go forward to repair to awaken the ezekial within each of us

i look through the little gothis shaped hole in the wall of my bedroom at the clock in the living room past a nun and nativity figures all ceramic except for one fallen plastic star that glows in the dark whne i notice

this morning i am starting to re read julia cameron's book and in the background fro the old apple mac comes what a faithful god have i amen

i will cotinue this blog in facebook as i wish to share the stroy of the camera and rejoice publicly or more so

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