Saturday, 28 April 2012

pour out your power and love

holy holy holy

so then bath water at the ready and i have written the insurance cheque
yesterday my artists date was very special as i sat on the bombed out church steps
just thought an empty yet cared for church and bombed out but currency fluid church
a place of memory and balloons as prayers and holy holy holy holy

oh well then checking in after a week of morning pages recovery and challenges and two artist dates
i am proud of my sustained walking and my determination to pay my bills and to be an artist though it is challenging costly and means i must live startegically risking frugality yet noticing all that i have to be grateful for i have run a bath i have had vitamin c and i have oranges and toblerone to get me through to luchtime
and i really like what came out from my relatively unplanned drawing time in liverpool yes it was nice to tease and tempt myself with books but hen i do not have money i do not spend it yet i feed my eyes and my heart on hopefulness and upon artist's dates encouragement the word of god the companionship of freinds i share with george and other my walking and whatever i have to share it is soozies birthday and i would like to send her something now let me see

i have just spotted a book about beatrix potter i will send that

okay done need bath morning pages will be written in  dee today onpaper as art

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