Saturday, 21 April 2012

this is change for you

god has made me a warrior of drawing he has given me certain assets and wonderful gifts affirmations of my being and i must avoid draining wet blankets however unaware they are of them selves i must be very aware and press on there is a spirit in enid blyton that will feed the izzy pop idea and i can agian start to read the writing course notes and resume drawing lack of funds ahs made me not wish to spend on petrol and so i will use my train pass to take me to southport i am keen to upload something representing part of my effforts this week i slpet in thsi morning which reminds me of justy how hard i have worked this wee the kids saying do you work after we go the world of the little one is a shorter day that ends at three so perhaps that is a nice model to adopt be like one of these say Jesus
i have noticed that some things are out of synscronisation su has no recollection of these images of the shop sign

new fresh out there different affirmations hopeful begin accept remove obstacles gentle place away take risks and move on .

believe there seems to be a new format so i need to experiment by publishing to see how it works the morning pages  Now then although there has been a change in the way morning pages behaves and is laid out that is alright i am off today well forever if i like as i do not have an employer who provides me with wages but friend who seek to reciprocate momentary of sustained kindness and then only randomly as befits the gifting

i note that as i near the end of the morning pages book i must now loook again to others assets and this on i have my rail pass and my pleasure in drawing  i think i will continue my morning pages inside the facebook where rather than being relective i will choose to life coach myself

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