Monday, 2 April 2012


we are all wellsprings in the shared creative thought and heart streams river of God's love
every invention cup of tea act of kindness planted garden watered kindergarden of parables pictures
gentle courteous collective shared lesson of hope is the unfolding mutual morning pages of the endeavour to be one river one flock ong God not but God.Science and art are the same thing if art labels too much or too little it narrows restricts bottle compartmentalises stagnates there are more than three primaries to make th ensuing pallette of secondaries and tertiaries harmonies colour greys tints shades tones chromas  this crhomatic scale can be added to by sensitive touch time held sustained riffed synaethesia of nerve end vibrations sensations of life being life living aware and collectively enjoyed not governed controlled ridiculously divided but certainly simplified momentarily for sharin g you do not need all of the ingredients at once ot cook with build with enfold for sleep amongst do not need all the plants in one space nor in regimented ranks let the soil selecet it own seed let Love unfold in approrpriate assocaitations who decides on appropriraiteness the sharing caring concert playin music itself will help us in our shared quest the questions are only some of the splashings of possibilities the answers part of the flow of momentrainess not the syphoned off synthesised categorised named and renamed product of owners with varying scales and measures and millowners varying track of railway gauge

oh let us step in step up push away swim to shore be lifted on the possibilites of the various simultaneous similarities of timbre and gentle differences to hear the varous melodic Holy Spirit healing meoldies of the ever playing heartbeats shared the fragrant offering poured out as less self aware we enjoy our mutual self there is nothing but God in out all about everywhereness Eden gates removed melted down not for bullets and bars nor spears nor cars not for fences ofences tanks or boxes not for nails that hold our saviour pinned forever by for oxides of paint for playful constructions of visual metaphors spoons and springs and bedding nets to hammock us and some way community release keys to pick the locks of industry to bring about the purpose of the loveliness of all that can be mutually enjoyed pianos guitars instruments of tunings to find way of threee dimensions and other resonatinf through communication sound and perhaps not airoplanes not taknkers and titanic blunders the metal may be useful to the soil in someway for strnghten its mulch and perhaps ours oxides are biodegradable perhaps cutlery for eating with botle opening corkscrews of released and enjoyed momentray stores not kept for ever to be vintage but vintage already the moment to ensure is alrady manna from God's intention for us all He found his creation good and we were part of that the the point of that but an harmonious ingredietn like koal bears not susequent not consequent not chronolgical not necessarily logical nor sequential not permanenet not entierly fixed deliberat but somehow eternally present and correctly simulateously botyh necessary and wonderfilled mysteriously joyfully alive to the suchness of it all

i am in no great hurry to replicate nor publish several perhaps someone else could be so kind as to clone and publish those dieas and streams and buckets of past perforamces prints and star turns someone else to film and draw the moment rather than our being in the ever new renewing exciting love letters algebraic metaphors of myriad diverseites  nunaces menadering wire drawing s in three d awareness of btoken and reconnected synatses of multidirection tony buzan mutli colour mindmap musings like the humour of edy izzrds mime in french or bible morph where he is suddenly punching a babaoon when he started by sawing wood for the ark with his dad

free indeed saith the lord in christs wit humour holy spirit endorsement of mor tha n knowledge trees variettrees in stead no that orchard of entertainers form blackpool and coast has not dispappeared but reappeared grown back stronger form the pruning the pollarding even the vivky pollarding of rebellion and fringe cuting edge or gentel assocaitve morphing refrains from arounf the horne to cordwangling grunging splods of rambling syd barret set the conrtols for the heart of we dont need no wish yu were hear seas
 board surfing the world wide music al miliganesque miller n dudley jonatrhan and david wonderment of storyteling o that my mum would be forever mrs wobble as we children caught the spilling jelly with our roller sakates and nets fools for God prophecies will bring healing will birng love not a logo this christs heart fo=irst jesus you n me this our jimmy jesus in me dad said look everyone is out of step exepy out jimmy is hould have holy spirit quipped gently at the time that that is a real possibility in gods plan my freind john was told he had a head like a bottle of fog and int he lastof summer wine a character by that name prophetically is sown and this child lives in a world of his own yes God;s gift to each one of us with our shared yet unique realtionship with him and the other least of one of theses then and heoerge told by the wood work teacher with a slap on the shoulder of vehement ownership 'what ahve you done to my wood boy?' sad oh let us smile instead amen

today the to eat what God has given me to risk what i currently understand to step our in sandals of slowness to be at peace and put the dancing shoes of hope on tonight to seek to not just revise but re spatially orientate recollect and renew a flow and its signals that the none road way of movemtn through amongst with joyf ul souls should flow in gentle orchestrasted playfulneof newness of life givingness of lastin till i am say 120 ness who knows well there is the immeasurable God that she thus this nameless many naled parayed into wonderfulness jesus holy spirit river running from the core and core values of the heart of gods word living jesus holy spirit emannuel fresh every day blooming in us to discernand flow with prayerfully started with courtous car journey drawing on the road watching the other dancers from an agreed upon dance floroor of persoanl and altruistic abiding together in harmony could we not dance neared in the vilage i don't mind walking some distance perhaps to get to the church on time without the tick tocking urgency of no time to think all put the oars in simltaneously we cause our divorce with parameters that should not be there let me drift to the shore to reflect upon and scribble in silent instrument playioing doodles of broken daning wire scultures in thae paper pulp mulchof unlababeable pssibilites beyond not chrods melody lines entagnled and woven threads of mutual life giving party going joy and we all must lay on a coauch and watch feel enjoy the spinning eneries of recent outhtereness takingpart ness enjoyment and fill out the tax returns and book ourself escapades holidays papr back dreams that stared as scribble and plot plans reflecting the qualities of all we soaked up through the VERY PRAYR LIVING IS AS BOTH IMPULSE ANSWER SEED BLOSSOM AND jug o f juice amen

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