Wednesday, 4 April 2012

part of it all

Dawn took this and how appropriate as the new financal year is about to dawn and the Jubilee of 60 years and my own new decade towards 70 from 60 begins .like it says in Isaiah 55 come without money.which I have merged with the asset based thinking i read about.Look to the talents you have every gift .having a bath is a gift or to put it more wonderfully when asked recently Alexander kay said' I love people' and that is the second commandment that Jesus spoke of.We dance as david danced and we dance with all our neighbours.Told not to bury the gifts we have noticed I scribbled with great joy.Yes people noticed yes i was glad no i did not hide the light of my joy and no they are not the work of a gifted genius yes others can do it especailly if i can absorb the jive. for i have not been able to draw diagrams nor sublimanally read instrctions to myself when i sleep.Though the though had crossed my mind.No the only way to become boyant is not to swim perfectly but to get in feel the water and do it cautious carefully but very much playfully which will mean 'badly' or perhaps more gently 'imperfectly which is after all the only way to be a Christain because it is in acknowleding repenting turning around trying again that we approach the thrown of God and spill our jewellery when it catches on the belt of truth.

So then here i am about to share my joy feel free to print out even frameeven give them away but it would be wrong for you to sell them that i believe the lord is saying is mine to enjoy as income to water the crop he planted in me for my sustenance amen

wecome to my morning pages soemting i do each day using the dance of my continuous associtaive thought .Thought I once used to share as lesson plans lecture ideas projects tobenefit the colleges i once worked for
Now I only work for God.Then I worked for Him too but the probelem was so much compromise so much assessment and so the midwife of enabling the individauals'to unfold was bound by my continuously needint to deconsatruct the programming to make it shareable rather than claustrophobic for teaching is enablin g the flow to flow the sharing to share the mutual discovery to sow seeds of surpirse and nurtutred mutual gifting expecting different contents from all out egg heads a better omelette than than the scrambled egg of dishamony oh the hurt in the well in me that needs to cross the river and dance like david on the shores .

That is what is so great about jive when you have remembered lots of moves you can probably forget and signal in automatic pilot roughly knowing where you are heading you stop to talk to people in the betting office not to place a bet but to ask directions to somewhere better amen

oh yes you go back to the lights and turn right and head towards the park and you will see it .

and so you do like a star over a bethlehem stable lots of people dancing joyfully

oh the joy to hear thunder in the mountains i have the t shirt i filmed blaire and a kay
dancing to the whole song envious that i was holding the camera should either have been a pen or the lovely partner and the music in me amen

and there is more as the irish commedian Frank carson used to say
a whole lot more we passed the camera to dawn who has become a grandmother
on facebook we are all one family in Christ's blessing of this highway of human technological present moment sharingness dancing out our mutual thoughts just like changing dance parnters risking trying believing hoping part of the music of unity inclusivenss faithfulness and joy

on friday
good friday
good people
wil form a line of crosses to acknowledge mutual forgiveness a true church
will form near the water and the lake will sing of the sky
and we will be in prayer and share a vigil not of silent witness but of visaul and collective chattereing and we pray for fine weather too
this still dance is not really one of waiting for a dance partner these trees we hold in our hands are about to bloom
mine has as i doodled on a plank for my birthday present to myself a planks for the memory watercolour
perhaps someone else might photograph it and upload it for you we will be a collective gallery of souls

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hanging from the air of god's grace amen

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