Wednesday, 18 April 2012

theatre set of hopefulness

hockney came second i think in the growth of my theatre sets
i cannot recall mentioning him when i was doing my degree
i remeber him well as a real discovery a seem to sew the interests of
my southport students into an apprececiation of art history
as contextual studies my thesis or beleief being that copying is neither possible nor really good
because what we take from another's flawed'style' we transform into our own flawed interpretation yet the flaws are desirable like the idea ;make your mistakes perfectly'

this is klees what goes in at the root mirrors but also fruits flowers and leaves at the heavenly crown
the questions about authorship that hockney received he quickly side stepped by taking of painting and saying 'art' is an unknown mentioning gombrich's essay i felt the interviewer was a blank canvas as he purseued a line of questioning that was oversized and not really absorbing but deflecting the answers of hockney oh well

herge 's tintin similarly allowed me to respond to the cultural inclusive adventure of what is englishness
the crystal palace of brighton and empire of indian chinese restaurants and arabesques in victorian architecture and zen gardens in schools hockneys world refelcts hogarth in a crosshatched world like sendaks theate might in wild things but then you find dufy frenchmness and willow pattern plates herge and hockney are the same visual pastiched of children loving the museaum and the depth of the dogon masks and herge's storyline get confused and reinterpreted this is narrative and three d collage the recent hope is nick parks and tinin meet the cgi world of lost and found wonderment as ice age and other pleasure bring hope of real adventure in the painterly scultural visual game

so today and i go to primary school if it had been warmer i would where short trousers and be at the sea side in my mind i think two thirds of my life i have been in memory and one third able to be where i am on holiday alone i remeber and miss the girl friend i had dreamed of and dream of still will the feelings i have for the lovely k or s dance me into hope of marriage and world of flowers and shed and holiday or am i instead to be the romantic batchelor without the sadness it holds for me ?

i look to God and for parable in the story lines bneneath the visual not forgettin my eductaion includes brecht who want to reorientate the work into the truth by deliberate verfremsdungseffect  of being aware that the reality can be hecckled rather like jesus dis and does cutting through the established misbeleief that the wrong habits and illusions must go on strange to think that \jesus is iconoclastic like the zen master who draws your attention to a more obvious truth like my son shouting i can see yu daddy when i am performing an outdoor play of the tempest as a drunken butler and momentrrily hiding behind some wooden wall

i myslef as i sit back have jsut reorientated myself simiimilarly by noticing no hildegarede von bingen shelter of music in the back ground of my morning pages ==sounds a fan and some sparrows dull light as i think feel remeber the bell that brings another friend joy as she rings it on a dewy mountain and i look for our parent god to come with friendly face of ordinarines but with reassuraing kindness into view as the barbecue skwer turns to pen and i miss my firend who drew so well again

perhaps no one will ever completely get what you are showing them how evere well you show share or explain or talk them through it you are alone yet in that you have a you to enjoy call it ego and feel like someone elses interpretation has fascist authority to ooze guilt into or out of the puss of the boil of resentment yet julia has provided a tad292 of a book a world that you are able to succeed in firts class honours in what you did pre education and whislt at primary school yes being made to learn in a bullied way is not goignt ot make a metronome acceptable to the very wonderful beat of my own small 'art and the breath of god'd incusive draft of air water and wine

oooohi will pour onto brookdale the arrow of appointment met by hope of God's provision and forgiveness
for loving beyond the boundaries of the railings and the lesons the purpose and the play the heads two better than one have sought to create adventure playgound school of expanding transformation whilst reatining stable one career recognisable fatherly characters to be rememebered rtusted and enjoyed and their child hood does not cease as they retire they must learn now to play as i tu]rust i will with new friedn arthur and arthur i should put you in a book with izzy pop and i  amen for now thanks be to god i will play the praise on the facebook site thank you lord god and heal my freindships i hate to lose people amen

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