Thursday, 26 April 2012

Morning pages is brought to me toady by dee FinE arts

okay then i HAVE WALKED HERE AND AS I WAS AT THE BUSTOP too early by 45 minutes it took me an hour and55 mins to walk here instead still good fo the physique

the 77 bus seems to call at the end of my road at 9.43 a good time to get me to dee for a similar time as i have been arriving i am thinking only use the car sparingly thus saving petrol money of course when a guitar lesson is involved that buys petrol so a great idea s it provides more that the £20 petrol

i am waiting for the money from brookdale to go in and think it will take a couple of days i must withdraw cash and place in the bank from which i will be paying the insurance and road tax when it does oh well the ordinary account will be going into the red. i am waiting for a call from the garage so ican go and pay for mot and then get my road fund license straight away on the phone.

i am inspired by  theimage of the girl in the green dress the giant that visited liverpool there will be a programme about it next week and i feel the letter and the acrobatic puppet-eering is wonderful inspiring a real stone soup adventure..funny to discover there is no entry for puppeteering  i will try puppetry  yes but i do not feel it communicates the panache i intend so just noticed norma is on line but as the batterry might die i had best continue with my blogging whilst i can

yesterday i took the car for its mot and then walked here to dee fine arts where encouraged by margi i started to think of giant girl in the manner of my past cartoons of lambaanana
what i feel i need is to do lots of images of liverpool  then import  giant girl and xolo the dog and the maritime uncle into it i was delights by her scooter and goggle that children can swing on her arm and that there is a boat on a float with jets of water that make it look like it is in the sea yet travelling along ht raod it sort of is

margi just said these will be afternoon pages soon

anyway yesterday i did a doodle based ongiant girl and today with som pritnout i hope to do some developing of thes ideas i am happy that i wrote a poem yesterday

i jsut phoned brrok dale and the money will go in an a few days lord please bring me some resources so i can comforatably buy mysefl some food amn

on the way here i satrted to lookat jimmy rae's boogie woogie in my mind and also ned keely's c maj a min and c pentatonic scales all related to each other still wanting to write on the piano thought of translating emmanuel song for piano and want to put all that simon showed me into practice a girl wanted me to accompany her on guitar i have referred her to jimmy rae and he has asked if i ready for boogie woogie lesson 2 whcih i look forward to so i hope that i will indeed assimilate the first lesson and get back to him simon phoned yesterday and spoke of harmonica an jimmy adna garden event of some kind i need to get back to him

i spent a litttle time on when was it oh i don't knwo monday i think in the prayer shed and and wrote letters to snoozy and steve and i hope i will send both encouraging letters soon  i am gald i went to liverpool and saw the larg puppet and hope to develop my uses of the77 bus and the free things like drawing i can do on very little money i think i have another paid lesson with my moore family making figures and i also think jane is having a £25 hour lesson on wednesday on the guitar i will start to move towars practicing praise song and have a smll store of annes praise booklets so i may be able to lead at some future poitn a step towards children book author and i have ameeting on tuesday with st bridgets and as with a chat with margi yesterday i am seeking to prodcuce a none competitive idea based on stone soup i am anti competition and do nto want to create a situation where people can become losers at all amen

i am glad to have achieved three things
use of bus
uses of wifi here in dee
use legs to get me here
use of camera and free rail card to create giant girl film
enjoyed serendity of god incidental appearance of my painting in alderhey childrens hospital
spotted by morma and amy that has a click from rob that says like
and that amy has cut and paste my oil painting as her profile page
i have used the upload to show the value i put on a small sincere affectioante oil that of £400

i needs must state the price of things or perhaps start to think how to live on nothing at all using rail card and fruit n veg and tap water walking and making amen

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