Thursday, 5 April 2012

here's the thing

slightly snuffly
still praying for love
enjoying new freedom
not tied down
want in so many ways be be so
yet do not want to limit another's life with some neediness that
stops our presenting our lives fully as the creator
my our intuitition prayers minds hearts discern
we ar meant to be both in the mix
though not slaves to nine to five nor crippled by routine or anhialated in our creative joy
by some stifling regime of blind management that issues but does not see its poor limiting structures

perhaps i fear that for you st bridgets centre
what exactly are the the centre of?
a dead or living saint therefor deified
it is a privelege to serev the community and the least of one of these and like sally and roger and other loving souls well done we say to those who have gathered using city skills and prayers funding via other's employed good will and gifts and no doubt proved yourselves good worthy patient and faithful but to what i can only pray to God
i have just started to enjpoy the face of some souls in the stone soup jive dancing of

iwent to a tirade at this point and the laptop made na error whilst saving which i take to b emy  Lord God editing my meanness my me ness of vehemence and i must repent iti is a sin for me to judge the in thereness of old church with the out thereness of hoped for inclusiveness that is for \\\\god not for me i am meant to be a yet to learn child of \god than a know it already

i must be patient and hope for the gentle caress of love offered rather than express a seething frustrated intellelect that th serpent hisses into my sorry tired eyes and unshared bed and hoem oh Christ this is a tring silent night and joni mitchell says then yell it

what have you in my heart and my hope that is growing some good fruit do not measure me and find me wanting water me transform and confort me and let me rest love and gently make faces for m the salt douhg i rpreared for the now canceled lesson and helpt me to fill in the tax form and may have a lttle holidy with rob or inlondon oh miracel man of the heavens help me to feed the starving milions withmy scribbling amen

in the backgound the video of jimmy rae is still uploading and i want a cup of tea alos in the backgound is a piano i want to play tax papers to start adding up the pertol record in th car to jot down oh the joy of the calculator and the micromovement of truths

and a cup of tea and the pva i am prayiing will dry flat on the clock face that bobby msitook for th watch the watch where time is palyful amen

thinking that i may actually be being read though it be an illusion i will find my glases and wirtie not in an inhibited way but with a mind to communication not just stream of thought nut stream of intended shared thought.amen

ned kelly my neighbour has lke emmanuel worn the first contact t shirt
i met him when we were both wearing the same smile t shirts lord i pray that the expereinces with hi kness his tide chasing his saxophone in mexicao his tramum ove his embrochure his longing to paly his busking in cheater streets rather like manny's big issue selling and their least of one of these blessing to myralsf will continue to bear fruit for them for you for all of creation creatively oh and let the noteworthiness of the rose i lovesbe yours as she is locked inside away from my heart and i fear her own oh how cross she would be to read that but the truth of my tired soul owns something of you perhaps i know not yet i carry on swimming in this stream of hopefulness improving the reso[onsings within the ever changing dance amen

what  great record is that thunder on the mountain like ricki dont lose that number when i heard it in an old book shop in holland where i beleieve i bought an album or a frederick franck book amen

dance on car loving blair
team up with the loy spirit and show me what to do
and dawn play a tune on the kettle and the camera as you harmonise with tenderness with him
he is part of the world's team i knew the pitmen for fitipaldi and hunt and they when out driving encouraged my colleague to give it welly

i was encouraged to give it welly on an systems analysis course

i flew a small plane once
oh and flew to the isle of man as part of a window dressing team too

waht a life of phot fragements of memory but let us get back in the car let us get back in the plane let let us get back on the floor let us get back to the press let us get back in to the fellowship let us be companions at the mike stand in the room of unforgetable spiritulal joy and sharing let us take crosses to the lake and declare and let in the outwardness of god love ame

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