Friday, 6 April 2012

took me time

getting to the morning pages got me today
went for early morning walk after earlier morning collage

i uploaded with a title for easter

and i also found i wanted to use this spinney too made me think of Gethsemene and my own love for Robert
i have been haunted by the thunder on the mountain track sandra and blair danced to and my prayer now is to wear the shirt i got at the concert and perhaps upload my own filming of it for i think i did at a concert
same day ian and rosie got married we will see any way i know that sandra knows the dj so perhap i learn to dance and then ask for the song and she let me spin her around with the joy oh speaking of the joy here is a lovely gift to which i have added wing today

this is funky monkey
the bells i wore for the recent churches together walk

went to a moving service and like the disciple i fell asleep several times
before singing the old wooden cross talking of which here is a new one

in the background playing is dylan's modern times album from which the track sandra danced so beautifully too
i jsut want to listen to his lyrics wonderful but i feel i must do my morning pages and in heart want to so much to thank god for and to share with my neighbour i shared with dave and alison today the contents of the planks for the memory above my favourite was quoting georges expression of dylan/hendrix famous

there must be some way out of here said the joker to the thief
there's too much confusion
i can;t get no release
business men they drank my wine
ploughmen dog my earth
none of them along the line know what any of it is worth

but the strip above is my relaease from southport college
when as i read john ortberg's if you wanna walk on water you gotta get out o d boat
whaen god hade me walk the plank of redundancy as i wasn't just going to step out like peter sadly
oh well

god this album is lovely dylan is singing the most romantic beyond the horizon very romantic
this is an album to dance to and i think this is a waltz that my mum n dad would have liked fab

i love to think of my mum n dad happy i have a picture i will look up at now of them

mmmmmm   every step that you take i am walking the same says dylan

melody from many moons ago
the bells of st mary how sweetly they chime

john broughall bought me a bite to eat in sweetpea
i had a three egg omellete with salad and he had butternut squash
he had ahad a couple of days in hospital

the room of sweetpea is an old gatrage again my dad would like it in here and
i did as the booksehlves hold some of the books i used at southprot college feels like home and it feels like my place of sharing which is waht class rooms were for me oh well i am learning boogie woogie n dance

gonna have a lie down after a bite to eat and then i ma gonna dream to this album maybe sleep i have a guitar lesson to give tomorrow luchtime to matty
i have a clockface to deliver and have printed a limited edition rpint of caldy church from the origianl that was bouth from malcom cowen years ago i wonder how may pergap as may as 8?

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