Thursday, 19 April 2012

hoping trusting believing sharing caring

woke up with thoughts about the new blue moon gallery wine
and david large's invitation to show him the label idea
thought i would take a romantic couple from my
 little red vintage image and ad or move the moon into place
or perhaps use the bottoms up image and add the moon
when doing the open university course years ago entitled art and environment
they suggested posting an idea when you went to bed and harvesting the mind's fruiting in the morning.

Apparently had not mentioned my idea to Sue so have caused some confusion
I have inadvertently added a funny little symbol don't know whether it will show up when i lad but I canot remove it it has four little triangles facing outwards.

I have just had a good day and have managed to complete the mural at what was my childrens school
i met the new vicar of st john the divine yesterday i met a rainforest stand up act who is self employed and works in schools an intersting man who may be about to pass me another mural for his churchschool in wales i=one where his daughtee goes and he says he can put me up in a converted barn i pray for this

any way his name was dave the vicar told me i.e. the one from st john the divine that it is 150 years old this year and he likes my portrait  of it..
So here is the row of Godincidental time periods St John the divine 150 yrs old                     1862-2012
                                                                                          Titanic 100 year 'centenary'        1912-2012
                                                                                       Brookdale 50 years old                 1962-2012
                                                                                        Jubilee Year 60                            1952-2012
                                                                                          Me 60
                                                                                       Julian 60
                                                                                      Gordon 60
                                                                                          Rob 30                                       1982-2012
                                                                                          Amy 25                                       1987-2012
                                                                                      Olympics year                                  2012

Lord God you see my fiends a and s and t and n and j and g and i ask for healing hope news of goodness
and i ask a special blessing to reverse the stroke in julian amen

Thank you for those who pray over me and again i go and get 2 corinthians 2 14
14 But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.amen

Lord i am seeking to reach deep within through the guide i believe that you have brought in the artists way i am poor of some means and must entrust myself to new behaviors.Help me to know what to do next amen.

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