Friday, 27 April 2012

First things first

went for my walk with George  and as i am off today i had an adea
whislt listening to a tribute to Leonard Cohen and hearing Nick Cave singing Suzanne
i liked the reverie of 'tea and oranges that come all the way from China'
and George said isn't that lovely repeating the line and the wonder of it -said he did not know why and neither did i but i agreed our word for the morning was'empathy' in relation to why some people we miss 'shared empathy' was george's kindly and accurate wisdom I felt

so my goals for today following the tea and oranges

a. play and try to accomplish inroads to boogie woogie as shown to me by jimmy rae and then to go into town and go to bold street and buy some oranges and make a flask of tea and drink it in memory of arthur with whom i sat once and watched the girls go by one warm summer eve whilst waiting to go i think to george drought's  etching class but i will sit on st nocholas the bombed out church that we included in ken izli's jimmy rae mersy moon mural and it is also where i met with marko jean and tom and through the ministers mike sang my song about emmanuel as ballons signed by big isues sellers for their friend who had died of poverty on the street wentinto the air through the none exisatant church roof true stone soup moment

so on my desk here i have jimmy rae's pin 'stick your rotten job'
i am an artist and i should die one not as a slave to an unwanted job someone made me obedient to amen

Lord you know my current circumsatnces and i can do nothing without your blessing i ask that you will pull all my strings and unify my heart's desire with yours that my spalshing scribbling writing an goals aline with your puroose for me amen i would like to see peterchan again and i pray that my poem flask drinking and prayers will be your words of the one heart of joy pouring through me amen

first i will go to the piano to play boogie woogie then i will make the flask of t and then bold street the end of the day needs to be music for mathew tomorrow lunch time please inspire my present poverty as i feel i am once more 'out of the boat' amen

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