Tuesday, 10 April 2012

let your thoughts go

meaning flow
Yangtze river
Love God

being beyond my understanding
flowing alive to surprise

how to recognise surprise when found
you just are



my continuous soap box to wash from under my feet
turn it into bubbles of fun
thin air
fragile thin ice water of life
more than on

before me a friend walks talks drinks complements flows kindly yet side steps his fuelling by
theorising as this poet of nothingness brings creatio ex nihilo to life as once again
ready made created music of Hildegarde von bingen ;s voice is that of choristers creating illusions

i have three drawings by edward ardizone to my right and tthey are blow up photocopies of stig of the dump
i want to step back or go forward into childhood with a friend
i want to be loved and to know that i am
and to love and to show that i do

my sin is to be a child of a loving god and the worlds sin is to judge me for it as if you were he but you are not

but i will fall off any soap box like one of my own wobbly wire and saltdough and papermache figures i cry to my Lord let me fall catch me and remake me as i fall into the potters field after playing my my part
your heart
is who i am

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